09-10 RTW Map & Itinerary

Where I’ve been

Mexico City – 30th March-3rd April (blog / pictures)
Queretaro – 3rd-4th April (blog / pictures)
San Miguel de Allende – 5th-7th April (blog / pictures)
Guanajuato – 8th-10th April (blog / pictures)
Aguascalientes – 11th April
Zacatecas – 12th-13th April (blog / pictures)
Creel & the Copper Canyon – 15th-17th April (blog / pictures)
Batopilas – 18th-19th April (blog / pictures)
El Fuerte – 20th April
Mazatlan – 21st-22nd April (blog / pictures)
Mexcaltitan – 23rd April (blog / pictures)
Guadalajara – 24th-29th April (pictures)
Puebla & Cholula – 30th April (blog / pictures)
Oaxaca – 1st-5th May (blog / pictures)
Zipolite – 6th-11th May (blog)
San Cristobal de las Casas – 13th-14th May (pictures)

Huehuetenango – 15th May (pictures)
Quetzaltenango (Xela) – 16th-23rd & 29th May (blog / pictures)
La Escuela de las Montañas – 24th-28th May (blog)
San Pedro la Laguna – 30th May-2nd June (blog / pictures)
Antigua Guatemala – 3rd-5th June (blog / pictures)

Copan Ruinas – 6th-7th June
Utila – 8th-15th June (blog / pictures)
La Ceiba – 16th-17th June
Tegucigalpa – 18th June

South Beach, Miami – 19th-21st June (blog / pictures)

Bogota 22nd-24th June & 31st July-1st August (blog / pictures)
Villa de Leyva 25th-27th June (blog / pictures)
San Gil & Barichara 28th-30th June (blog / pictures)
Taganga 2nd, 7th-9th & 12th July (blog)
Ciudad Perdida 3rd-6th July (blog / pictures)
Parque Nacional Tayrona 10th-11th July
Cartagena 13th-15th July (pictures)
Medellin 17th-20th & 25th-27th July
Salento 21st-24th July
Manizales 28th-29th July

Lima 2nd-4th & 22nd August
Huaraz 5th-7th, 12th & 21st August
Cordillera Blanca (Santa Cruz Trek) 8th-11th August
Cordillera Huayhuash (Huayhuash Circuit) 13th-20th August
Pisco & the Islas Ballestas 23rd August
Huacachina 24th August
Nazca 25th August
Arequipa 27th-30th August
Colca Canyon 31st August-1st September
Cusco 3rd-5th & 9th September
Inca Trail 6th-8th September
Puno 10th September

Copacabana & the Isla del Sol 11th-12th September
La Paz 13th-14th & 16th-18th September
Coroico 15th September
Sucre 10th September
Potosi 20th-21st September
Uyuni 22nd September
Salar de Uyuni 23rd-24th September

San Pedro de Atacama 25th-26th September

Salta 27th-28th September
Mendoza 30th September-1st October

Santiago de Chile 2nd-3rd, 7th-9th & 13th October
Valparaiso 4th-6th October
Rapa Nui (Easter Island) 10th-13th October

New Zealand
Auckland 16-17th & 21st October
Taupo & Tongariro National Park 18-19th October
Rotorua 20th October

Melbourne 22nd-25th Oct & 28th October-4th November
Halls Gap (the Grampians) 26th October
Great Ocean Road 27th October
Perth 4th-7th November
Uluru (Ayers Rock) 7th-10th November
Sydney 10th-13th November

Jakarta 13th-16th November
Yogyakarta 17th-18th November
Mt Bromo 19th November
Kuta, Bali 20th-23rd November
Gili Trawangan 24th-27th November
Gili Air 28th November
Sengiggi, Lombok 29th-30th November
Boat trip to Flores via Komodo & Rinca 1st-4th December
Labuanbajo, Flores 4th-5th December
Bajawa, Flores 6th December
Moni & Kelimutu, Flores 7th-8th December
Maumere, Flores 9th-10th December
Kupang, West Timor 11th-12th December

East Timor (Timor Leste)
Dili 13th-18th & 21st December
Baucau 19th-20th December

Kupang, West Timor 22nd December
Kuta, Bali 23rd-25th December
Ubud, Bali 26th-27th December
Amed, Bali 28th-29th December
Gili Air 30th December-3rd January
Kuta, Bali 4th-7th January
Medan, Sumatra 7th January
Tuk Tuk, Pulau Samosir, Lake Toba 8th-9th January
Bukit Lawang, Sumatra 10th-12th January

Kuala Lumpur 13-16th January 2010

Manila 16-18th & 23rd January, 11th February
Banaue & Batad, North Luzon 19-20th January
Sagada, North Luzon 21-22nd January
Coron Town, Busuanga 24-25th January
El Nido, Palawan 26-28th January
Port Barton, Palawan 29-30th January
Puerto Princessa, Palawan 31st January-1st February
Alona Beach, Panglao, Bohol 2nd-5th February
Malapascua Island 6th-7th February
Cebu City, Cebu – 8th February
Donsol, Bicol region, Luzon Island – 9th February
Legaspi, Bicol region, Luzon Island – 10th February

Singapore – 12th-18th February

Ao Nang – 19th February
Ko Phi Phi – 20th-21st February
Patong, Phuket – 22nd-23rd February
Bangkok – 24th-27th February

Burma (Myanmar)
Yangon – 28th February & 11th-13th March
Kalaw – 1st-3rd March
Nyaungshwe (Inle Lake) – 4th-5th March
Nyaung U (Bagan) – 6th-8th March
Mandalay – 9th-10th March

Phnom Penh – 14th-15th March
Siem Reap & Angkor Wat – 16th-18th March
Sihanoukville – 19th-21st March
Koh Rong Samloen – 22nd-25th March

Trat – 26th March
Bangkok – 27th-28th March

Long Crendon – 29th-30th March
HOME (London) – 31st March 2010

That’s it for my year-long round the world trip. Stay tuned for further travels in 2010 and beyond.

21 responses to “09-10 RTW Map & Itinerary

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  2. That is quite a hectic schedule! An awesome one at that though!

  3. Nice plan man :) Want to do all of those places myself! That will probably have to wait though as my trip is coming to an end soon. Central America is definently on my explore list!

  4. Awesome pics and blogs. Well done!! If you want any ideas for Peru, Bolivia or Argentina just email.
    Jude from nz

  5. I googled Santa Cruz trek and found your blog, by chance.
    Bravo old boy, this is a very fine piece of work., and makes for compulsive reading. I am extremely impressed.
    I spent 5 months, travelling solo & independently, in Argentina (mainly Patagonia) in 2008, so I shall look forward to reading about your future adventures especially in this country.
    Thanks for access to this marvelous travel diary – I salute you.
    Folkestone, UK

  6. Just noticed that we might overlap on Australia and New Zealand. I’ll add you to my RSS feed and maybe we’ll be able to meet up. :)

  7. This is such great stuff. Thanks for keeping me entertained! Enjoy Santiago. I loved it down there. If you get back up to Southern California, let me know—

  8. Don’t forget Laos in SE Asia. People keep raving about it, especially the boat down the Mekong and Luang Prabang. Safe Travels- am enjoying the blog.

    • I’ve been to Laos before, in 2007, and I loved it so much that it convince me to do the trip I’m on now. Am going to try and make it back again this time to see all the places I missed before, it’s such an incredible place

  9. Geoff, top blog my man…. I’m just about to embark on a 4 month tour of South America, was thinking of flying into Cali and travelling up to Carribean Coast in Colombia. Also have plans to go south and spend some time in Lima and rest of Peru.. Any tips much appreciated. Take lots of $1 bills to Cambodia.

  10. How can you skip India??

    • It was a tough decision, but you can’t visit everywhere in one trip. I’m saving India, Pakistan & Nepal for another trip, and I really would love to visit all three

  11. Hi Geoff

    Just looking at your itinerary…..when are u planning to be in Oz now? Also, there’s a fab cafe in Lorne on the Great Ocena Road….http://www.kafekaos.com.au/ Have done the Great Ocean Road twice now and loved it both times…..

  12. Hi Geoff –
    Just checked out your amazing itinerary and Burma isn’t included… I don’t approve! Give it a week if you can, go to Yangon + overnight trip to Bago/Kyaiytiyo and if you have time do the hike from Kalaw to Inle Lake. Essential – and so much more interesting than Thailand!

  13. i love the book “1000 places to see before you die” maybe its your inspiration too, and maybe you can surpass it… have a safe trip always..i love your blog :)

  14. How’s the Phils so far?

    You made it already to El Nido? Nice, that place is something else.

  15. Cambodia looks awesome! I want to go there too. Would be looking forward to reading your blogs about that.

    BTW, I’m from the Philippines, and I am so happy you had such a great time here. Makes me proud of what a beauty my country is. And I LOVED it that you guys rode the jeepney! :) We got lots of crazy drivers here though haha.

    Thanks for the blogs, and wishing you more happy and safe travels!

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  17. oh my…im soooo jealous!!! haha..

    last month i just back home from my asia trip!!

    if i allowed to ask, how do you manage to get the money for your trip?

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