348 days and counting

Yep, I’ve set a date. March 31st 2009. 348 days to go.

I’ll be handing in my notice in on December 22nd (great way to start Christmas), leaving my job on March 20th, leaving me with a week in London to do my farewells and then I can head off on the 31st.

The biggest worry is working out how the hell I’ll make it through the year without going mad at work – I find it hard enough to concentrate at work even when I’m preparing for a week’s holiday; going away for a year magnifies that quite considerably. Not being able to talk about it either doesn’t help. So I’m hoping writing here from time to time will help preserve my sanity in the meantime.

Now I just need to work out where to go.


2 responses to “348 days and counting

  1. What an adventure. And plenty of time to organise it. I’d say chase the sun, not having seen it for eight months.

  2. You can bet I’ll be doing that. The weather has been so miserable this year in the UK, I can’t wait to get away and spend as much time in the sun as possible.

    Which means I have some serious dieting to do if I’m going to be spending any time on the beach, don’t want the locals to mistake me for a beached whale!

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