Reasons to go #1: Work

There are many reasons why I want to go away for a year, but the one that’s very much at the front of my mind this week is work.

Growing up I never had any kind of career plan. I figured I’d work out what I wanted to do while at uni. Of course, that didn’t happen. In the end, thanks to a mixture of luck and nepotism I somehow fell into advertising.

Just over a decade later and I’m still doing it. In the main it’s been a great experience – I’ve made a lot of good friends through work, I’ve learnt all kinds of cool stuff, and (most importantly of all for someone who loves his food) got to eat in far more expensive restaurants than I would have done otherwise. Work’s even given me a chance to see quite a few places that I’d never been to before – Belfast, Dublin, Helsinki, Hamburg, Turkey & even Disneyland Paris. Although admittedly trying to do Helsinki as a daytrip from London is exhausting to say the least.

But the last year has been the toughest yet – I’m working much longer hours, it’s more stressful than before (damn, responsibility sucks). After working all weekend, I really, really need a break.

I know it’s too much to expect to have a eureka moment while I’m away and come up with a whole new career plan, but I need some serious time away from work to give me the time to start thinking about the future, because even if I end up back in advertising on my return, I really can’t see myself still doing it in another ten years, maybe not even five.


2 responses to “Reasons to go #1: Work

  1. I initially read this as, ‘Reasons to go to work,’ and thought you were about to talk me into getting a real job. Thank god for momentary dyslexia.

  2. ‘Reasons to go to work’ would be a very, very short list indeed. I am exceedingly jealous of people who work like you do.

    I’m getting far too anti-social in my old age and find myself getting increasingly irritable having to share my workspace with colleagues.

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