Easter Island!

There are certain places in the world that I figured I’d never get round to visiting – mainly because they’re too remote and too difficult or expensive to get to. Easter Island is one of them.

I’ve just found out that I can probably include it on my round the world ticket, as LAN, the Chilean airline, flies there from Santiago.

Aside from the fact it’s one of the most isolated inhabited places in the world, getting to see the famous Moai in real life has got me incredibly excited. Plus of course there’s the obvious traveller oneupmanship that no-one I know has been there.

Also quite exciting is the fact that LAN then offers onward flights to Tahiti – another place that’s lodged firmly in the imagination as the archetypal paradise. Although I’m not sure I’ll be able to fly on to New Zealand or Australia from there, and doubling back all the way to Santiago doesn’t sound all that appealing. I really need to get round to speaking to a travel agent.


2 responses to “Easter Island!

  1. I once worked with an entertainingly miserable Slovak woman who hated everything and everyone and every nation. Czechs. Russians. Germans. Chinese. She didn’t mention the British out of diplomacy, I suppose, but she probably hated us too. Her only loves were Japan and… Chile. And she went to Easter Island and said it was fascinating. Plus she was an anthropologist so the Easter Islanders were interesting for being the first known case (or have I made this up?) of a people who had to abandon where they lived because of so completely fucking up their environment. Gosh, let me imagine you winging your way from there to Moorea (one of Tahiti’s islands, I think) which I had fantasies about when I saw pictures of it in some brochure as a nipper.

  2. The only Slovak woman I know is just like that, except she openly detests English people (despite, or more likely because she lives here)

    Moorea is indeed one of Tahiti’s islands (I love the way the Tahiti tourist board describe the archipelago as ‘Tahiti and her islands’, which is a much more natural sentence in French than English but is all the more powerful for it). The only bummer so far is it appears to cost a fortune to fly from Tahiti on to Auckland, so I may need to double back to Santiago instead.

    Have you seen Gauguin’s paintings from his time living in Tahiti? They are what first excited me about the place.

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