All this thinking about travel has me increasingly desperate for a trip abroad in the meantime. It’s all very well saving all my spare cash, but I figure it’s worth splurging a little just to keep me sane.

I’ve booked tickets to go to Glastonbury again (and this time it’d better be sunny or there’ll be trouble…) and figured it was the perfect opportunity to go away – the state I’ll be in after 4 days in a field in Somerset means heading off to the sun is a far more appealing proposition than having to stay awake in meetings back in the office.

My original plan was to head off somewhere in Eastern Europe where I won’t get fleeced by the Euro exchange rate, but it now turns out I have the offer of a place to stay for free in Valencia. So Valencia it is. Spain just about edges Germany as my favourite country in Europe (it’s the weather, I think), and Valencia is one of the places I’ve never got round to visiting yet.

and for some reason the thing I’m most excited about is trying Horchata. I’m sure it’ll end up being a disappointment.


3 responses to “Balenthia

  1. I’ve got a feeling I didn’t fall for horchata when I was in Madrid as a mere slip of a thing… Anyway, Balenthia reminds me of a village I kept seeing signposted in Somerset called Binegar, which made me wonder if that might not be Spanish for vinegar. (I know it isn’t.)

  2. Maybe because you were drinking it in Madrid? I imagine it’s one of those things that tastes best in its hometown. Or it could just be disgusting, which would explain why it’s not travelled further.

  3. No, I’m sure you’re right. I’ve got a feeling it’s something 16-year-old taste-buds would find offensive. Maybe I’d like it now.

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