Some people don’t really get the travel thing

Overheard in the park today:

“Where did you go again?”

“South Africa – it was stunning”

“Really? You never think about it being beautiful, do you…you just think about people getting shot and stuff”


5 responses to “Some people don’t really get the travel thing

  1. I trust you’ll be visiting the foreign office website before you enter each new country. I occasionally get an e-mail here, warning me whether Germany has become more dangerous or not.

  2. really? interesting. When I think of SA, I think of nelson mandela and safaris.

  3. Matt – Yeah, that was my point. I thought most people had an open-minded enough view of the world to see through some of the bad news stories you here…but clearly not all people do, which I find a little sad.

    BiB – My parents worry so much about me living in the badlands of south London I don’t think anything I could do travelling would ever phase them. Plus I grew up on military bases as a kid, where we there were everpresent warnings that we could end up being blown up by the IRA at any point (which I always thought a little unfair being as we were a catholic family of irish extraction).

  4. Yes, that’s the trouble with bombs. So undiscriminating. Maybe a smart bomb-cum-boomerang could be invented which would only blow up those who had planted it. Suicide-bombing of a sort, only without the ‘collateral damage’.

  5. Actually Geoff, I grew up in SA, and unfortunately, a couple of my relatives became sad government statistics. So yes, people getting shot is the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of visiting SA. Sad but true.

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