Decisions, decisions

Looks like I spoke too soon about Valencia. Our freebie place to stay hasn’t worked out, so Paul & I are looking for somewhere else to go this July.

So I was browsing away through the Easyjet & Ryanair sites looking for inspiration (safely outside the Eurozone of course, now that the pound is slipping ever closer to parity) when I was reminded of the fact they now fly to Marrakesh & Istanbul, which got me very excited.

I’ve never been to Morocco, or anywhere in Africa, and my only trip to Turkey so far was a week on a beach resort doing some sailing, so I’ve seen very little of the real Turkey.

The only problem is deciding which one to go for.

Loads of my friends have been to Morocco in the last few years and have all raved about, and seeing the stunning photos over at Gallo Moa has just confirmed that. Oh, and obviously, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to bump my countries visited list up by one.

Whereas Istanbul was where my sister went for honeymoon, which I’ve just been reading about in Rory MacLean’s brilliantly evocative Magic Bus, and which I’m fascinated about because of its incredible history.

I’m not complaining though, it’s a great dilemma to have, it gives me even more excuses to daydream when I should be working!


5 responses to “Decisions, decisions

  1. Haven’t been to either but I reckon the food would be better in Morocco. But I’m not sure I’ve ever heard anyone with a bad word to say about Istanbul.

  2. I think Turkish food can get a bed reputation sometimes, thanks to the ubiquitous kebab. I actually prefer it to Moroccan (I’m not a fan of cous cous, especially as the other day when not very awake I spooned it into my coffee thinking it was golden granulated sugar. Don’t try that one at home kids)

  3. Ha ha! Thank you. You’ve made me laugh on what is otherwise being a rather laughless and boring day.

  4. Did you know Easyjet also fly to Tangier and Casablanca o.k via Madrid food excellent buit more conservative about alchol than Turkey and Tangier and Casa very different to Marrakech
    all worth a look

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