My first flight quote

So today I decided that the weather was so miserable I might as well stay in and make productive use of the time to get a quote for my flight.

Now I knew it was going to be expensive, because I want to visit 5 continents and include Central & South America, but it was even more expensive than I thought – both agents quoted me around £2,300 including taxes.

I know it’ll all be worth it once I head off, but it still seems a fair bit. I think have some more shopping around to do.


2 responses to “My first flight quote

  1. Price it out individually. Most of the time, its cheaper, especially if your route is complex.

  2. I’ve tried that subsequently – worked out a fair bit more expensive to do it the DIY way, mainly thanks to the cost of the Chile – Australia leg, which is pretty expensive on its own. I could easily do it way cheaper if I was to spend the year just within the Americas or within Asia, which I’ve considered, but I just want to do both too much, in part so that I can get the contrasts.

    I know there will be future chances, but my heart is set on this itinerary, so think I’ll just bite the bullet and deal with it!

    Thanks anyway though – at least now I’ve checked.

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