Things I learnt at the weekend

* Never try and climb a mountain when walking with huskies. Their preferred pace is just a little faster than is comfortable for a not-entirely-fit Londoner.

* Head torches are remarkably good at channeling flies into your mouth at night.

* Trying to find the right turn off from a Motorway that didn’t exist when your roadmap was published is a little tricky.

* People look at you funny when you explain you arrived late due to an old road map. Apparently I am the last person in the world not to have satnav.

* Don’t think that ridge up ahead is the top of the mountain. It won’t be.

* Cheap camping stoves without a windbreak are a bit pointless.

* Supernoodles are best left for students, regardless of how easy they are to carry and cook.

* It always rains in Wales.


6 responses to “Things I learnt at the weekend

  1. There are head-torches for sale in my local supermarket and I can never think of an occasion when I might need one, even though the presentation is pretty snazzy. So I need to go up mountains in Wales! I’ve only clambered half-way up Cader Idris. Did you make it all the way to the top of Snowdon?

  2. Head-torches are essential for camping, even if it does cause fly-induced choking.

    I did indeed make it all the way to the top, and nearly got blown straight off again, it was exceptionally windy.

  3. it always rains the UK…..period…

  4. Head torches are great for looking for things in the loft! (Oh, and cycling at night.)

  5. Goodness, you’re very active these days.

  6. Yep, I figured I’d spent most of my first 15 years in London in the pub, so it was about time to get out and start doing stuff!

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