Beyond the Axis of Evil

For some reason Syria has never been high on my list of must-visit countries. I think in my mind it tends to get overshadowed by higher profile sites in the middle east / Arab world, such as Egypt (the Pyramids), Israel (Jerusalem), and Jordan (Petra). I have a feeling being rather simplistically dubbed part of the Axis of Evil doesn’t exactly help its tourism profile either.

That was until the recent series of blog posts over at ClearlyEnlight’s Travel Blog. The sheer amount of amazing historical buildings; Damascus, the oldest continuously inhabited city of the world; the natural scenery – all stunning, and well worth a read.

It’s now gone straight to the top of my list of counties to visit after I get back from my year away.

8 responses to “Beyond the Axis of Evil

  1. I’ve heard nice things about Syria but I’m more interested in seeing Jordan…especially Petra…

  2. That was always my impression too, but after reading that series of posts, and looking at the pictures, it’s totally changed my view – and for me, that’s one of the best thing about a good travel blog, one that can challenge my opinions and show me stuff I didn’t know about

    (although obviously Petra is still high on my list too)

  3. I visited Syria on a trip around the Middle East in 2005, and I was astounded by the country. I had gone to the region more to see Jordan and Turkey, but I’ll say that Syria was by far the most fascinating country I visited. Roman ruins butted against Crusader castles, all within reach of medieval cities. Though the travel at times was hard, the people were some of the friendliest in the region, and the food some of the best. -X

  4. Good to hear that from someone else. I’m even now trying to work out if I’ve got time to include it in my RTW trip next year, the more I hear the better it sounds

  5. I am itching to go to Syria, too. Even if just to check out the largest restaurant in the world in Damascus. I think it just made its way into the Guinness Book of Records, too. :)

  6. Yeah, I read about that too. I’d promise to meet you there but we’d never find each other….

  7. Hey thanks for the comments about my blog, I put your link on my blog. Thanks

  8. Thanks for the link – and thanks for the posts, since I posted this originally I’ve continued to be amazed by everything you’ve written and shown about Syria. The place looks stunning and I can’t believe it’s not better known.

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