My arms ache today. In places I barely knew had muscles.

I suppose if I’d actually stopped to think it through in advance, I’d probably have realised that hanging off a wall just holding on with your fingertips and toes would be kind of exhausting.

My first indoor climbing lesson started pretty slowly – learning how to put a harness on, and how to tie knots properly. As usual, I got really impatient and just wanted to be out there on the wall.

Later on while I was at the top of the wall about to abseil back down, I looked at the knot I’d tied earlier and it began to sink in that the knot was the only thing stopping me from plummeting to the floor. Miracolously it held, but it shook me up enough to realise this isn’t like school – not paying attention properly in Maths is hardly likely to put you in a life or death situation. I shall be focusing more next time!

The two hour class flew by in the end, and after the initial nerves, the feeling of climbing up a vertical wall was really exhilarating, like being Spiderman. Although with it being the hottest day of the year so far, my hands remained sweaty enough for me not to get overconfident, as I constantly felt in danger of slipping. Can’t wait for next week now (and at least, knowing the English summer, it will be cooler next time).

4 responses to “Ouch

  1. I’m impressed. My daughter, Daisy (the subject of the “what language” debate over at BiB’s place) used to do indoor climbing. I feel sick just looking at the walls – a pity as we live near some of the finest indoor facilities in the country, not to mention some of the finest natural climbing in Britain.

  2. Hi Marsha, thanks for stopping by (I really owe Mr BiB a drink, he’s the source of more than half my traffic so far).

    So far from my limited experience I find the best way not to feel sick is to not look down! So where in Britain are you that has such good climbing? The frustrating thing about being in London is all the country’s best outdoor activities are quite a trip from here.

  3. We’re in Edinburgh, so are near here:


    and, of course, Scotland is pretty much a climber’s playground:


  4. Hey, I changed around my website. The link on the right isn’t valid anymore. You just need to change it to the main domain- nomadicmatt.com

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