A prayer

I’m not normally the religious type, but if anyone has any suggestions on who I need to pray to in order to get more of this:

Glastonbury sunshine

and less of this:

Glastonbury floods

…then hey, I’m happy to convert!


6 responses to “A prayer

  1. off to glastonbury are ya? maybe it won’t flood this year……maybe…

    hey do you know anyone who lives in salisbury? I’m trying to couchsurf for 1 night.

  2. That is sad. Seriously. The saddest campers and their tents

  3. It was amazing no-one drowned that year (2005) as the rain happened overnight while people slept. Luckily they all escaped.

    I was actually camped in that field, although luckily was organised enough to have got a slot right at the top so stayed (relatively) dry.

  4. Heyy but both the pictures look very attractive. Only pictures, ok? I can understand the plight you people would have gone through.

    Do you have any other article on glastonbury ?

  5. Not yet…I’ve been too busy at work since my last trips to write more – but there will be more soon, as well as posts on my trip to Istanbul

  6. Man, that’s some intense mud camping. Glad the gods obliged this year!


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