Going underground

Thanks to being a Tate member, yesterday I had the chance to visit the old oil tanks underneath the Tate Modern.

These giant, empty concrete spaces are soon to be redeveloped to become exhibition and performance spaces underneath the new extension that will open in 2012, providing additional space for the gallery’s collection (and to provide room for the 5 million annual visitors, as the current space was only designed for 2 million)

As the old tanks are still untouched, we had to be kitted up in hard hats and high visibility jackets, which is clearly a hot look:

Me in the Tate oil tanks

Me in the Tate oil tanks

The tanks are pretty vast, and it was great to have the opportunity to be one of the few people to see them before the development starts. Apparently they’ll be leaving them (or at least one of them) as bare concrete, so not far off how they are now.

The rest of you will have to wait four years to see them!


7 responses to “Going underground

  1. Thanks for your comment at backpakker . Your blog is very interesting and I would be coming back soon. Ive never really been to the UK, but it has always been one of my to see places , primarily because I come from a English Literature background and Ive always wanted to see the places painted in books and poems

  2. You have a very interesting blog here, full of lively pictures.
    And you are one lucky one to go underground. And you look quite dashing.

  3. I’m not sure a hard hat and high-vis jacket has ever been described as dashing before…but thank you!

  4. I was wondering how you’d got down there. Looks cool – one of those fantastic unique London things to do.

  5. I only found out about it by accident – I was there for something else a while ago and I’d lost my membership card so went to the desk to get a replacement and they were promoting it there.

    Made me realise I really should make more of London Open House this year – it’s great being able to see stuff that’s normally closed off to Londoners

  6. No, Cuckoo is right. It is dashing. And your smile is higher-visibility than the jacket. Hurrah!

  7. Yes, I agree with BiB. :D

    Geoff, My definition of dashing doesn’t always mean a suited-booted well dressed man. :P

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