Coffee + Beer

I love Coffee.

I love Beer.

But if someone had told me that combining the two could ever taste anything other than disgusting I’d have told them they were mad.

Until Istanbul, where I tasted Efes Dark Brown. I thought I was just going to get a European-style dark ale. What I got was a European-style dark ale, but with the taste of black coffee.

And you know what? It pretty much worked. Not the sort of drink I can imagine having all the time, but definitely better than a mere novelty. Now I just need to find someone selling it in London.

10 responses to “Coffee + Beer

  1. Ooooh, let me know where/if you find that in London! I will make sure I will try it when I arrive.

  2. that’s interesting combination. I’d too think that wouldn’t work but, since you’re english and know beer, i’ll take your word that its good. bring some back to england!

  3. christinegilbert

    I bet that would be really good. I’ve had a coffee microbrew in the states, but I can’t remember where. It’s a weird combo, but somehow works with the darker beers.

  4. I was hoping to but couldn’t find any in the shops! I’ll have to make do instead with (local London brewer) Young’s Double Chocolate Stout instead, another odd but marvellous combo.

  5. I bought a lovely microbrewery coffee infused beer at Borough Market last week I highly recommend it.

  6. I home brew an Espresso Stout and hand roast the espresso that goes into it as well. I don’t know what international alcohol shipping laws are like, but if you want a bottle or two of our “Your Mama’s So” Stout, I’d be happy to send you some from LA :)

  7. My wife and I were in Turkey this past April. While there, we tried Efes Dark Brown. It was amazing! Possibly my new favorite beer, eclipsing even Young’s Double Chocolate Stout! But I cannot find any distributors in the U.S. There is a place which sells Efes Dark, but not Dark Brown. I need help finding this wonderful beer.

  8. I found it to be the only drinkable beer in Istanbul.

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