Istanbul round-up

It’s now nearly a month since I got back and it’s taken me this long to get round to blog about everything, I really need to get more organised (although I do have the excuse of work getting in the way).

There are a couple of other travel tips I didn’t get a chance to fit in elsewhere, so I just wanted to get them up her before I move onto other things:

  • If I was going again, I’d definitely stay in Beyoglu and not Sultanahmet – Sultanahment is the obvious choice, as it has a much wider selection of hotels as well as all the obvious historic sites. However Beyoglu has a much wider selection of good restaurants and bars, which makes it much easier to plan your evenings around. It’s also more convenient for getting to other places such as the Prince’s Islands or the Black Sea coast. And it’s easy enough to get to Sultanahment by the very efficient tram system during the day.
  • I’d also research ways of getting from Sabiha Gocken airport (where Easyjet and other budget airlines fly to) in advance. We just picked up a taxi, and clearly got ripped off by him taking a very circuitous route into town. Pre-booking a taxi or shared minibus would probably have been a much better option (and is how we returned to the airport)

Still, other than that I’d recommend Istanbul to anyone. It’s a fantastic city, definitely one of my favourites in Europe.

In case you missed any of the previous posts, here’s links to:
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and finally why not all tourists are welcome

2 responses to “Istanbul round-up

  1. I took that same circuitous route into town in a taxi. Oops. -X

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