Camping and Karaoke

I’ve always loathed Karaoke. In fact I’d go so far as to say that the only thing I hate more in the world is mushrooms. And maybe the Daily Mail. But in the great scheme of things it’s pretty loathsome. Why on earth anyone would want to spend an evening listening to people who think they can sing wail along to a selection of dull power ballads and 80s ‘classics’ is beyond me. Actually choosing to be one of those people is even more incomprehensible.

So I’ve managed to get away with doing it twice in my life so far, both times under duress, and when I found out that my friend had hired a karaoke booth for his birthday I was of course filled with horror and vowed not to join in. Until the beer intervened…

The international sign of rock

The international sign of rock

I’d like to point out that contrary to appearances I am not enjoying myself. Karaoke is the work of the devil.

Still, the weekend wasn’t all traumatic, and the unexpected choice of accommodation was a highlight.

The problem with Brighton being every Londoner’s favourite seaside escape is that it’s always impossible to get a hotel (well, if you’re me that is: other people are organised enough to actually plan these things a bit further in advance), and even if you do you have to book them for at least two nights. So I was left with two options: for out £300 for a posh hotel, or camp.

Now camping is something I always associate with the countryside, not cities. In fact, I’ve never even considered the idea of camping in a city, and only ended up doing it this time because I’d run out of options. Turned out to be a fantastic option – £18 for the pitch, in a quiet park in the East of the city, only a short walk from Kemptown (the nicest bit of Brighton, in my opinion). It was so nice waking up in the morning to fresh air and a beautiful view out over the sea (well, when it wasn’t raining that is), and so I definitely think I’ll do it again – I’ve spent a fortune on hotels in some cities in the past, and then end up spending no time in them as I’m out sightseeing and partying.

6 responses to “Camping and Karaoke

  1. Last Christmas, my sister and I fought over the karaoke toy one of my nieces had been given for Christmas. For shame!

    Oh go on. Admit it. You enjoyed it just a weeny bit.

  2. Sorry. I am completely illiterate.

  3. My general policy after nights involving that much beer is to deny everything, it’s safer that way. And that includes admitting enjoying karaoke.

    (but yes, I may have found myself singing about five times. Oh, the shame)

  4. Loving the blog, Geoff. It reads really well, and looks great too – did you do much to the template? Anyway, I’m very impressed – and will be a regular reader while you’re away :-)

    I’ve agreed with elements of what you’ve written in various posts. Islamic geometric design also does it for me, particularly in the architecture of Southern Spain. Am some way from rejecting events like Brighton Pride, but must admit that there are times I crave a classic pub with a lovely pint much more than the coolest joint in town. Just this evening I was telling a friend how I can’t stand Guanabara in London for many reasons, amongst them that it’s too noisy, too crowded, probably doesn’t serve pints and feels like a theme bar in a shopping centre. However, that clearly is a long way from being the coolest joint in town…

    But karaoke??? You heathen! I LOVE IT.

  5. No, didn’t have to do much to the template, just uploaded the picture of Clapham Common and then chose what to stick down the sidebar. Would like to do more with it but my web skills are non-existant!

  6. Have you ever tried Korean karaoke? Every party gets their own room with their own karaoke machine; so really noone gets to listen to you sing except the people in the room. You are equipped with 2 buttons: 1 to play the song you want and 2 to order beer. What more could you want?

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