Revised itinerary

After several months of procrastinating (it’s my greatest talent), I’ve finally got round to sorting my itinerary for next year, because I need to book my ticket quite soon – mainly because availability for the Santiago-Auckland leg on RTW tickets is extremely limited, so I want to do it as soon as they go on sale. I’ll be setting off from London on 30th March 2009, spending the first 6 months in Latin America, before heading for a couple of brief stops in New Zealand and Australia and then heading to SE Asia for the last 6 months. Almost all of the flights are in that first 6 months, as once I arrive in Indonesia I don’t want to have anything preplanned for the last half of my trip. Contrary to my normal instinct to plan my holidays to death (if only I could be that organised in any other area of my life), I want to just travel around and see where I end up, only knowing I have to make it back to Bangkok at some point to head home.

London – Mexico City

Mexico City – Tegucigalpa, Honduras overland, via Guatemala

Tegucigalpa – Miami

Miami – Bogota

Bogota – Lima

Lima – Santiago

Santiago – Easter Island

Easter Island – Santiago

Santiago – Auckland

Auckland – Sydney

Sydney – Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock – Melbourne

Melbourne – Bali

Bali – Bangkok overland

Bangkok – London

All of these (except the Santiago – Auckland) leg should be flexible, so who knows how much this might change once I head off. Even so, having firmed up the plan is one more step in building the excitement. Next step: book the ticket and then think about all the other things I need to think about before I head off.


3 responses to “Revised itinerary

  1. Wow – that would be something to look forward to. Unfortunately, my itinerary for next year isn’t quite as impressive ;-)

  2. So, its a plan then. Come January you will show me around London. As per my newest blog post – I’m now traveling solo – and I’m scared. Haha. (The Haha is a nervous reaction to me actually being scared S***less)

  3. I am a Londoner living in Mexico city, which I have just noticed is your first stop… if you want ton know how to get the best out of the big taco get in touch. I have been living here for 3 years, and it is a city that can be a bit overwhelming at first.

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