Excitement gives way to nerves

I suppose it was inevitable really. Only a few days after hitting a new peak of excitement, finally the nerves have begun to kick in.

I’ve only got 6 weeks’ backpacking experience under my belt, and only 4 of those were solo, and it suddenly hit me that I’ll be on my own for a whole year. I know thousands of people do it every year, but the last few days I’ve become a bit neurotic thinking about all the bad things that could happen.

What if I get kidnapped in Colombia? Get robbed somewhere remote and end up stranded with no cash and no passport? Have my bag nicked from off the top of a chicken bus? Swept out to sea while diving? Bitten by a dog well away from the nearest doctor and get rabies? Break my ankle by being a little bit over-enthusiastic up in the Andes?

It’s not just the big dramatic things, I worry about more mundane but equally stressful things – what if I find it hard to meet people and get lonely? What if I find it hard to adjust to a $50 a day budget when I’ve been used to spending way more that in London, and my money runs out too quickly? What if I get homesick?

I suppose it’s only human to worry, and the rational bit of my brain knows it’ll be OK (and it’s probably healthy to have a few nerves, so I’m more aware of potentially risky situations) but it’s still a bit of a comedown after all the giddy excitement of the last eight months.


3 responses to “Excitement gives way to nerves

  1. Just reading this while watching your doppelgangar bruce parry. You,ll be absolutely fine – partly because everyone always loves you and partly because I,ll be watching over you in spirit!

  2. I can assure you about Colombia – a friend went there several years ago, and had absolutely no problems. The beach resorts there are practically deserted, so you have the whole place to yourself.

  3. Just try to live in the moment. To meet people all a person has to do is ask “where are you from” and go from there.

    Loneliness resides within, many people do get lonely while traveling, but can you figure out how to combat the emotion and still be OK being alone?

    All provisions take place in the moment and if a disagreeable situation befalls a person, then that is what that person is supposed to experience.

    Each person should ask, are you leaving with good karma or bad karma?

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