6 months of work left

As of today, I have six months left at work, and boy is it dragging. I find it hard enough in the run-up to a normal holiday – I tend to book them around three months ahead, and even that’s hard as the date approaches. I decided to take a year off back on Christmas day last year, so I’ve already had nine months of attention, and there’s still another six to go.

Aside from the daydreaming (which makes concentrating in meetings a nightmare – I completely zoned out for about ten minutes in one today. Thank god no-one asked me a question in that time, I wouldn’t have had a clue what was going on), the lying is the hardest bit. On Friday I was called into a meeting room by my boss – two colleagues at the same level as me have recently left, and he wanted to check that I had no plans to leave, as they don’t want to lose me. So of course I pledged my undying loyalty and laughed at the suggestion I had any plans to leave. I don’t think he saw through me (although who knows, I’ve been typically indiscreet at work about checking my blog, so there’s always a chance they already know. If anyone from work is reading: hello!), but I still felt pretty guilty afterwards. Still, it’s not too long now til I tell them – will probably be sometime in November when there’s four months to go, which should give them time to find a replacement.

On the plus side, my annual payrise kicks in later this week, which will be a boost to the savings. There’s also a fair few travels to keep me distracted in the meantime too – the Algarve in October (long weekend mountain-biking), Krakow in November (my birthday), Norway in January (stag do), and possibly a ski trip in February as well. Meanwhile at home I have various bits of travel-writing to help me with my daydreams, and right now I’m watching the ever-enjoyable sight of Bruce Parry trying yet more herbal hallucinogens in the Amazon. Now that’s something to look forward to. (or perhaps not, considering quite how much he’s just started vomiting. Perhaps I’ll stick to the Cusqueña).


One response to “6 months of work left

  1. Mountain biking in the Algarve – sounds fabulous. I’m an avid mountain biker here in British Columbia – it’s one of the things I am surely going to miss while away. Hopefully we’ll be able to find some rides while we’re on the road. Have fun!!

    And thanks for the comment on my site – I’m not quite at the planning for Laos yet, but will be soon and will take you up on your offer!!


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