6 months to go

After nine months of waiting, it’s now six months to go. Not quite the home straight yet, but it definitely feels within sight now, and there’s still a fair amount to do:

  • Buy my ticket
  • Sort out travel insurance
  • Get my jabs sorted (and prior to that, work out which ones to get. Japanese Encephalitis? Rabies??)
  • Get a new backpack
  • Sort out a Nationwide Flex account (no fees for foreign withdrawals)
  • Get a Mastercard (I know from bitter experience in Guatemala that just having Visa is not advisable when you’re in a town with only two cashpoints, the Visa one is broken, and the next nearest is about six hours drive away)
  • Get my camera fixed (the screen has loads of broken pixels, which are bloody annoying), and get an underwater housing for it for when I’m diving.
  • Or maybe even get an SLR (or are they just too big and bulky? Decisions, decisions)
  • Finally get round to get a veneer for my broken front tooth (hey, I’m vain: the current filling always stands out in photos and I damned if I’m having my travel photos ruined like that)

I’m sure there’s a million other things I need to do in the meantime, but that’ll do for starters. I’ve already made start in one area: I’ve finally got round to giving up smoking (again), and after taking the summer off I’m planning to startBoot Camp again, after enjoying a summer off. I plan to do a fair amount of hiking next year, and I want to make sure I’m properly fit again (and look good on the beach of course).


8 responses to “6 months to go

  1. you should buy all that online….via my site so i can finally get an affiliate commission! lol

  2. You are giving me tension. I am planning to visit four countries in six month’s time.

  3. Forget the rabbis shot, it only buys a person time if, that is a big IF, you get bit.

    If you go to Cairo just stay away from the cats.

  4. I added your link on my travel blog.

  5. It might sound silly, but pre-trip planning is definitely one of my favorite parts of any trip. -X

  6. Enlight – thanks for the link, and the Rabies advice. Think I’ll skip it.

    Xander – the pre-planning is great fun (plus it’s a welcome distraction from work, and the waiting)

  7. So much excited to get there. Good you have preplanned your trip and sharing with others.
    Great man keep going on.

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