Ghost Town

On the way back to the airport we decided to stop off in Faro, figuring the biggest town in the province probably had something going for it. Now, being October, we expected it to be a little quiet. As it turned out, quiet was an extreme understatement – it was like being in a ghost town.

The centre of Faro is still contained within medieval walls, and is very pretty, with whitewashed buildings, an old palace, cobbled streets and a pretty cathedral.

Faro Cathedral

Faro Cathedral

Despite all these sights, and the huge number of tourists passing through Faro even at this time of year (the airport was heaving), the town was empty. When we arrived in the main square, in front of the Cathedral, we were literally the only people there. It’s not very often you get somewhere like that all to yourself.

The rest of the town was much the same – more baroque churches, lots of buildings covered in Azulejos, and the novelty of seeing storks’ nests perched atop every tall building – and all empty (it was actually a little scary – we barely even saw any locals). It amazes me that so many people can go to a place and not actually spend any time exploring or checking out the history.

Azulejos & Graffiti, Faro

Azulejos & Graffiti, Faro

Storks nest on a church, Faro

Stork's nest on a church, Faro


One response to “Ghost Town

  1. Sounds great to me to have the place for yourself. It’s the same here in Greece – it’s the last week of the tourist season and practically every hotel and bar is closed.

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