Martin Creed’s Work no. 850

The last thing you expect in an art gallery is to be nearly knocked off your feet by a man sprinting flat out down the main atrium, in full running gear. The look of shock on the faces of some of the visitors as they ducked out of the way was priceless (and infinitely better than the whole of the Turner Prize exhibition put together), so much so that it’s a shame I already knew what to expect, meaning I didn’t get to experience the shock myself. Martin Creed’s Work no. 850 consisted of a person running flat out through Tate Britain every thirty seconds, and is the most fun artwork I’ve seen in ages.

The work was inspired by the artist having to literally run through a museum to catch it all before closing time, prompting uncontrollable laughter:

I think it’s good to see museums at high speed. It leaves time for other things.

It’s a great philosophy I think. And one I might suggest the owners of the Wieliczka Salt Mines allow. It’d certainly liven the place up.


3 responses to “Martin Creed’s Work no. 850

  1. I tend to do the “dash” as well. I love art, but I can’t stand there and look at one piece for a long time. I tend to walk briskly through museums.

  2. Do you know how long this exhibition RUNS for…as I would like to see it and will be in London in about 3 weeks’ time.

  3. It’s finished now, sorry about that – I was lucky to catch it on its very last day.

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