My 2008 Travel Round-up Part 1: Month by Month


The start of 2008 saw the final few days of my first trip to Laos, before heading on to Bangkok for a brief stop (my third visit to the city, and my fourth to Thailand in total. The plane home gave me my second brief stop in the UAE but I don’t think that really counts as a visit.

February was a pretty quiet month, travel-wise. All I managed was a weekend with my parents in Buckinghamshire.

This month so my first ever ski trip, in France (my ninth visit there), and I wondered why I’d put it off for so long. Later on saw my second trip to Portugal, staying in Lisbon again, which further confirmed for me that the city is definitely one of Europe’s most underrated.

Not much travelling here (don’t think Essex really counts), but I did start up this blog. Go me.

The Spring bank holiday was the first of my four camping trips in 2008 (a record!), taking me to Wales for the fifth time. The year nearly ended there for me as I was almost blown off the top of Snowdon by the strength of the wind.

More camping this month, this time in Yorkshire (for hiking) and Somerset (for partying and the novelty of seeing Jay-Z perform in a cow field).

I’m never going straight back to work after a festival again: a recovery holiday is the way to go, and a week in Istanbul, my second visit to Turkey was the perfect way to do it.

My thirteenth visit to Spain was also my ninth visit to Ibiza. My life and my travel interests have changed enormously since my first trip in 1997, but if anything I love the place even more than ever…

…which is why I was more than happy to accept the invitation for a tenth visit (and therefore fourteenth to Spain). This was probably the best yet. I also found time to pop over to neighbouring Formentera.

Back to Portugal for my third visit, this time for rock climbing and mountain-biking in Lagos in the Algarve.

This year my birthday was a dumpling-fuelled trip to Krakow, my first ever trip to Poland. It was my first new country of the year, and I’m really keen to go back.

No foreign trips this month – just hiking in the beautiful Lake District. What a way to remind me that even if I am heading off round the world for a year, when I get back in 2010 I will be returning to a beautiful country that I really haven’t explored enough yet.


One response to “My 2008 Travel Round-up Part 1: Month by Month

  1. Bet you’re looking forward to writing the equivalent post on January 1st 2010 already. All the best for this year in the meantime.

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