Snow brings out the best in Londoners

So it continued to snow overnight, and by this morning we’ve now had the most snow for 18 years. It’s still snowing now, and it’s due to get heavier as the day goes on. As a result, London is now pretty much closed.

All buses are suspended. Most tubes and trains too. The airports are shut. Most of the shops are shut as people can’t get in to work. Various commentators on TV are grumbling at how pathetic it is that the kind of snow most countries wouldn’t bat an eyelid at has paralysed our capital city. It’s even going to worsen the economic meltdown, apparently.



Based on this morning’s walk on Clapham Common, I doubt you’d find many Londoners having any sympathy with that kind of moan: the atmosphere is fantastic. There are rarely this many people on the common even on a hot summer’s day, and everyone is wandering around smiling, saying hello to strangers, getting caught up in snowball fights and generally having fun. Who said London was an unfriendly place? It certainly seems to be bringing out the best in everyone. Enjoying it most of all are the children and the dogs (who knew there were so many dogs in Clapham? Also – I would say the dogs just about seem to have the edge over the kids in the enjoyment stakes, even the tiny ones whose heads barely poke over the level of the snow). And there are snowmen EVERYWHERE.

A new friend

A new friend

The way it’s going, tomorrow could well be the same. I haven’t taken an unscheduled day off work since 2005, so I think I’ve earned a day or two at home (especially considering I’m in my notice period).


5 responses to “Snow brings out the best in Londoners

  1. Great picture!
    Indeed here in Cambridge everyone is being really friendly and acting like children sliding around the place. Lots of fun- I may take the rest of the day off….

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  3. Lovely new snowman… a great variation on the usual is a well known fact that us Londoners need a crisis to bring out the best in us and become a community..that old war time dunkirk spirit rears its head from time to time…!!

  4. Hi Geoff – hope your starting to thaw! I ‘tagged’ you in a photo challenge this week…

  5. Lovely pictures. Snow is a nice change from a daily routine.

    well, only for sometime. :-)

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