The final countdown

It’s now five weeks exactly til I go, and most of it is now mapped out…

Sunday 1st March: Start packing up the flat ready to move. Feel quite chuffed with myself for being so organised.

Monday 2nd March: Aim to have everything packed and moved into storage. Get distracted reading books as I pack them. Realise at midnight I have work tomorrow and still have loads to do. End up packing til 2am and realise I don’t have enough boxes.

Tuesday 3rd March: Final Spanish lesson. Panic that I am still too rubbish to survive on my own for 6th months. Book some more lessons for final week.

Saturday 7th March: Go skiing. (I know I have a year’s travelling coming up, but (1) The snow’s the best it’s been in years, (2) there are huuuuge last minute discounts thanks to the credit crunch, (3) I’m going to just miss the southern hemisphere season next year and (4) it’s a nice way to say goodbye to friends I won’t see for a year)

Saturday 8th March: Return from skiing and have a farewell night out at Duckie, my favourite nightspot. Wonder if I’ll see anything as strange in my year away as the cabaret there. Highly unlikely, to be honest.

Sunday 15th March: Pack my backpack. Realise I’m planning to take too much stuff. Make tough decisions. Get annoyed with myself for not getting a bigger pack. Reluctantly leave out half the stuff I wanted to take. Wear pack around the house for an hour. Get annoyed with myself and not getting a smaller pack. Take some more stuff out. Put the rest of my clothes in storage, other than enough to keep me going til I leave.

Thursday 19th March: Work leaving do.

Friday 20th March: Struggle into work by lunchtime. Do very little. Finish work. Attempt not to cry at leaving speech. Fail.

Saturday 21st March: Go and stay with my sister and her family. Get woken up at 6am by nephews who either don’t understand concept of hangover, or just pretend not to.

Monday 23rd March: Go and stay with my mum and dad. Last chance for proper home cooked food. Reassure mother that Colombia is much safer than she thinks.

Wednesday 25th March: Return to London for a final few days of goodbyes (and last minute shopping for anything I’ve forgotten). Realise I have no space in bag for last minute purchases. Get annoyed with myself for wasting more money.

Thursday 26th March: Panic about getting bored. Or lonely. Or mugged. Or killed.

Saturday 28th March: Leaving party. Last chance for drunken shame in the 2 Brewers.

Sunday 29th March: Recovering from leaving party. In the pub, no doubt. Possible more tears.

Monday 30th March, 1.10pm: BA flight 243 from Heathrow Terminal 5 to Mexico City

Monday 30th March, 6:10pm: Arrive in Mexico City, ready for a year of adventure. Bring it on!


10 responses to “The final countdown

  1. Wow. It really is rather frightening how similar both our trips and preparations are.

    But it’s still more entertaining to read about someone else’s panic and rush rather than deal with our own.

    Good luck with the final push and looking forward to crossing paths at sometime.

  2. Thanks – they are very similar, aren’t they, except it looks like you’ll be a few weeks ahead of me much of the way, so I can learn from your mistakes!

    On current plans looks like our paths are due to cross in Huaraz, Peru some time in August, although who knows how much plans will change in the meantime.

  3. Bring it on, indeed!! Good luck in the final push Geoff (and Liz&Adrian!). I’m excited for you.

  4. Hahaha – that made me laugh out loud. I can understand all about the packing/unpacking of backpacks (I repacked mine 3 times).

  5. I’m still not convinced that anywhere is safe!

  6. Thanks mum. Console yourself with the fact that most places I’m going are probably statistically safer than Brixton at least!

  7. there are 2 possible answers to the kids / understanding hangovers issue

    1) they’re kids. course they don’t understand. and they won’t til they’ve had one of their own. is at least 6 years til this happens.

    2) of course they know what a hangover is. its that thing where mummy & daddy go back to bed after breakfast and let then watch tv til lunch. brilliant.

  8. at least you won’t get kicked downstairs by your stoner neighbour on the way to work like you were in out flat in Brixton…… mind you, you probably deserved it ;o)

    still can’t quite believe you is not gonna be here

  9. Wow, packed schedule – if you have time for an afternoon at the Royal Geographical Society, let me know and I’ll get everything organised for you.

  10. Hey Geoff

    Sorry I missed your (work) leaving drinks

    Mexico is looking fab – hope you enjoyed the pyramids – I got scared half way up cos my size sevens were too big for the steps


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