Sod carnival: I prefer pancakes

My friends Rob & Briony are currently on their honeymoon in Brazil, where they’ll get the chance to experience carnival in Rio. You might think I’d be jealous – in fact, I’m not at all, as today is PANCAKE DAY.

Rio Carnival: no pancakes here

Rio Carnival: no pancakes here

Now I understand how people may be more easily impressed by carnival spectacles such as the samba bands in Rio, the drunken debuachery in Cologne or the drag queens and dykes on bikes at Sydney Mardi Gras.

Sydney Mardi Gras: also distinct lack of pancake

Sydney Mardi Gras: also distinct lack of pancake

By comparison, the practice of partying before lent begins by eating pancakes may seem a little bit tame. But really. You can get drunk, throw on a frock and cake yourself in makeup any day of the year. Whereas it is a true FACT that pancakes only taste this nice for one day of the year, and that is today, pancake day. Most of the year I can take them or leave them. But today, I plan to stuff myself. I’ve already managed to get off to a good start, as I happened to pass a cafe in Wandsworth this morning serving them (I wasn’t going to let the the little fact that I was on the way to the dentist stop me). I may try and find more for lunch. And then will be making them at home this evening. Sugar. Lemon. Currants. Pancakey goodness. Mmmm. And lots of it.

Who needs sequins?

Who needs sequins?

Actually, I’m not normally quite this obsessed with pancake day. But as the start of my trip gets ever closer I’ve suddenly found myself getting obsessed with various comfort foods from various periods of my youth. Saturday evening saw me eat my first Viennetta in years. Last night was tinned rice pudding. I’m already plotting various must-eats over my remaining nights, and thinking long and hard about which of my mum’s favourite meals I’ll be begging for on my last trip home. It’s silly really, I’m only going for a year, and it’s been far longer than that since I ate half of these things. Clearly my sub-conscious has started missing home before I’ve even gone.

Anyway, whatever the psychological reason behind it: I just can’t get enough of pancake day. Actually, writing about it now gets me thinking – is this just a British thing, or did we manage to export the tradition elsewhere?


6 responses to “Sod carnival: I prefer pancakes

  1. I’d forgotten about Pancake Tuesday!! I was born in England (emigrated when I was 4…well, my parents emigrated, I had no choice!). Anyway, growing up we always had pancakes for dinner on Pancake Tuesday ,although we by no means are a religious family – I think it was an excuse to have breakfast for dinner!!

    Of course pancakes here in North America are quite different from there – here they are puffy, spongy masses served with butter and syrup. I miss the flat, yummy ones with lemon and sugar that my mom makes. I’m going to visit her at Easter, do you think it’s too late then to have her make them for me?

    Anyway I, too, am enjoying all the ‘official last time we’ll eat xyz’ – it’s all part of the fun!!


  2. Yes, flat English-style ones are much nicer, aren’t they? I’m sure your mum would love to make them at Easter (hey, if you can have them as a last blow-out before lent, why not have them to celebrate the end of it too – and no, I’m not religious either but it kind of fits as an excuse)

  3. Australia calls it Pancake Day and as a kid our primary school would use the day as a fundraiser for some catholic cause, i think for the United Church (there was one 100 meters away).

    Not sure of i ever donated or just waited for mum to cook them when we got home from school, but pancakes with Nutella oh yeah!!.

    I think i may head to Morrisons now as i still havent had my fix today!.

  4. I think though the main sustenance you will get while away will be beer flavoured……. possibly washing down some foreign sausage….

  5. go pancakes!

  6. No pancake days in the US, but we love our pancakes, although ours a lot thicker and fluffier than yours. Yours look a lot better, I would love to try the different flavors!

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