Final packing list

The tickets were booked a while ago. My final vaccination was on Wednesday. Travel insurance and all final bills and admin sorted on Thursday morning. Final shopping done on Thursday afternoon. The last remaining thing to do was finalise the packing, and I’m very glad to say it’s all done.

Here, subject to any final changes, is what I’m taking:
1 x Jeans
1 x Hiking trousers
1 x Shorts
1 x Boardshorts
1 x Fleece
1 x Waterproof jacket
1 x Merino Midlayer
2 x Merino baselayers (one shortsleeve, one longsleeve)
7 x T-shirts
3 x Vests
1 x Long-sleeve shirt
4 x Smartwool hiking socks
2 x Smartwool normal socks
1 x pair Hiking Boots
1 x pair Converse
1 x pair Flip-Flops
7 x pairs underwear (thanks for reminding me mr BiB!)

Camera (plus underwater housing for diving)
iPod Touch plus headphones
iPod speakers
Head torch
Mobile Phone

Other travel stuff
Money belt
Travel pillow
Travel towel
1 Guide book (Mexico)
Pack of cards
Passport photos (for visas)
Wash bag including toiletries and various drugs
Swiss army knife
1 x combination padlock, 2 x padlocks with key
USB memory stick
Vaccination certificate

Bags and stuff
60 litre main pack
12+4 litre daypack
3 packing cubes of various sizes

It all fits inside the 60 litre bag, albeit rather snuggly:

A few points:
– I should actually have a little space to spare, as the bag currently contains everything, whereas at any one time I’ll be wearing at least the shorts, the flip-flops and a t-shirt. Most of the time the daypack and camera will be separate too
– With the electrical stuff carried in the daypack and wearing the boots, it comes in under the crucial 15kg mark which should save me excess baggage fees with Air Asia and some other low-cost airlines
– I think I may be a little heavy on the cold weather stuff, which is mostly there for trekking in the Andes, where it will get cold at altitude. I may take some of this out and consider hiring while there
– I may possibly have too many t-shirts and socks (although I’ve cut back considerably on these). I may lose some, although they aren’t taking up too much space
– The packing cubes are a godsend. When I first read about them I thought they were just one more ruse to part a flashpacker from his money. After my first pack resulted in a bag with things like cables, the head torch, the cards and the USB key rattling around loose. With the packing cubes, all that sort of thing is neatly tucked away for when needed. With the bag opening all the way round, it now makes packing and repacking incredibly quick.
– I think I have everything I need. Can anyone spot anything obvious I’ve forgotten? Or anything you think I should take out?

It’s such a relief to get it all out of the way so I can enjoy myself now for my final weekend before flying on Monday. The nerves appear to have final given way to full-on excitement.


10 responses to “Final packing list

  1. Yay – closer and closer!! I’m working on the first draft of my packing list this weekend – I’ll be referring to yours of course. Enjoy the weekend!!! Cheers!

  2. I leave you in the house for 5 minutes and you take over!.

  3. Darling, underwear. You’ve forgotten your y-fronts. Or are you going commando, or whatever that expression is, the whole time?

  4. Whoops. I’m not sure the world is ready for me going commando for a whole year (especially all those catholic countries). Rest assured it was just an ommission from the list rather than that I’d actually forgotten them!

  5. It looks like you’re ready to go…

  6. as Tracey Thorn once sang, Protection?

  7. i’ll leave our mexico guide book then as i see you have packed yours…
    good less for us terrible packers to carry

  8. i still bet u get rid of some stuff on the road…

  9. Geoff – it’s your colleagues here – you seem to have forgotten your blackberry?

  10. ooh I like the packing cubes idea. I usually put things in zip lock bags but they always break

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