Mexico in pictures 1: VW Beetles

I’m no car nut by any means. I can’t even drive (and currently have no desire to. Looks far too difficult and dangerous. And buses and trains are far more fun anyway).

Despite that, one of the first things I loved about Mexico was all the VW Beetles. Production continued there into the 90s, long after it finished in Europe, and as a result they are everywhere. Many of the owners take a lot of care of theirs, and the sight of them shining brightly in various colours on the already brightly coloured streets of Mexico was wonderful. As well as serving as private cars, they are also variously used as Taxis (especially in Mexico City) and even police cars (sadly I didn’t get to see that, but Matt saw some in Palenque). I soon became obsessed with taking photos of them (often to the bemusement of their owners), and here are a few of my favourites.

You can see the res of my photos of Beetles here and the full set of all my Mexican photos here. Last two photos are by Matt from his time in Palenque, and the rest of his shots can be seen here


5 responses to “Mexico in pictures 1: VW Beetles

  1. Erica Johansson

    “I can’t even drive (and currently have no desire to. Looks far too difficult and dangerous…”
    Are you serious!? Not even the slightest desire?

    Love the photos!

    I gave you an award on my blog

    • No, not really. In most countries you can get pretty much anywhere you want to go by public transport of some form, cars just don’t appeal at all.

  2. loving the chicken and sweeney!

  3. You haven’t come across a beetle with ears yet have you?. i have today in Leon!

  4. Erica Johansson

    Geoff, Ok. I understand. Was just surprised ’cause I’ve never heard anyone saying they have no desire to drive before. But you’re right, public transport definitely has its benefits. And how much do you really learn from driving alone in your car? Not a whole lot if you compare it to meeting/talking with/ learning from locals and getting to know other travelers when traveling by bus or train. Public transport is a lot cheaper too. And way better from an environmental standpoint.

    I just love driving too much to give it up completely.

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