Mapping my journey

After weeks of being massively behind on my blogging, it turns out all it takes to catch up is being in a city where it’s too dangerous to even go 50m from the hotel without being mugged once it gets dark (that’s Bogota, Colombia, by the way).

Anyway, I’ve now got all my photos uploaded to Flickr and I’ve written all my blog posts about Guatemala, Honduras & Miami. They’ll be appearing over the next few days, but in the meantime, thanks to popular demand (well, one request from my friend Will, actually) I’ve now added a page with a map showing where I’ve been so far, as well as links to all the photos and posts to date, and a rough itinerary of where I’ll be heading next.

Time will tell whether or not I actually manage to keep it up to date, but at the moment it seems like a good idea.


5 responses to “Mapping my journey

  1. V jealous. Hope you enjoy Peru. You must try and get to Arequipa. The convent in the centre of the town is so peaceful. I stayed here : but have just noticed it has changed SO much. Was very basic back in 1990 complete with a plastic Barbie in traditional costume surveying the breakfast room. Enjoy. Pere us just beautiful. The Colca Canyon is awesome and I saw a conodor flying.

    • I’ll definitely be going to Arequipa, I’ve heard it’s great. That hotel looks lovely but it’s a bit out of my backpacker budget!

  2. love map. brilliant! x

  3. nice bit of mash up there Geoff!

  4. Perfect!!
    Now when you spill off interesting names from far flung destinations, those of us stuck in a stuffy office back in Blighty can actually understand where you are!
    Looking forward to reading your catch up blogs – and take care in Bogata!!

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