Andean sunset

I’m going to be spending most of the next two weeks doing multi-day hikes in the Cordillera Blanca & Cordillera Huayhuash around Huaraz in Peru, so apologies in advance for the lack of updates.

In the meantime, here’s a picture of last night’s sunset over Huaraz.

This place is stunning, the area is possibly the most beautiful I’ve ever been to.

See you all when I’m recovered from the hiking.


6 responses to “Andean sunset

  1. Great photo!

    I’ve enjoyed reading about your travels around Colombia, and I’ll look forward to a very long update about your Peru hikes on your return – I just don’t know how I’ll cope with out the almost daily update thou’!!

    On another note – I’ve finally come off all education projects, so my long standing relationship with Naked has been severed!! Well since you left it had all changed for the poorer!!!

  2. simply stunning. great shot

  3. We were just in Huaraz and are now in Lima. Be sure to email us when you get done with your treks as maybe we can meetup in the realworld.

  4. That is just a beatiful photo, it looks like a breath taking place, literally breath taking also with the hiking. Hope you are enjoying it, thanks for the photos.


  5. hey hey, hope you’ve been having a wonderful time, i’m looking forward to hearing about all the trekking.

    missing you and would love to hear your voice, do call next time you get a chance.

    lots of love clare xxx

  6. Great blog! I’m hoping to get to Columbia in December and will definately be heading up into Peru.

    I write for a magazine in Santiago de Chile. If you make it down this way and need a guide, let me know!

    I’m listing your blog on mine. Any chance of returning the favour?


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