Valparaiso Graffiti & Street Art

One of my favourite things about Valpo was the huge amount of fantastic graffiti and street art dotted around the walls of the city, which help make an already beautiful and colourful city even moreso.

Here’s a selection of some of my favourites:

You can see the full collection of my Valpo street art photos here


6 responses to “Valparaiso Graffiti & Street Art

  1. I love the third one very much. In 2004 I was in Valparaiso half an day, but I do not remember to be seen so many graffitis. This is very interesting.

  2. Amazing graffiti’s, I really like the third one.

  3. so what is Elvis saying?

  4. To Will.

    Hi it is in English:

    “To buy the American dream is Rock’nRoll!!”

    Regards from Finland.

  5. Great Graf! Valpo has truly amazing street art–starting with the “official” Museo Abierto murals and extending on to all sorts of great informal, unofficial work

  6. Valparaíso, tiene un muy buen nivel de graffiti, uno de los mejores de Sudamerica. Y cada día sigue mejorando su técnica y estilo propio, que interactúa con su diversa arquitectura.

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