Want to help Lonely Planet?

Do you like my shiny new badge? (It’s over there =>, in case you’ve missed it). My blog’s been featured on the Lonely Planet website for quite a while now, which I’m quite chuffed about, and has been quite a big boost to the number of readers I get here, so I’m very grateful to them for the extra publicity they’ve been able to give my little blog.

Anyway, they’ve now been in touch with me to ask for some help in publicising something on their behalf – their new Travellers’ Pulse Panel. Rather than describe it myself, here’s what the LP team have to say about it:

Calling all travellers!

Lonely Planet invites you to join our Travellers’ Pulse Panel!

Our panel is a discussion forum where we engage travellers and listen to what you have to say about travel – where to go, how to plan, and other creative travel ideas. We’ve always got interesting topics up for you to comment on, like our current survey on what you’re looking for when you take a trip to a theme park.

Joining the panel is free and if you’re accepted to be a panelist, we’ll send you a free Lonely Planet 2010 calendar as a gift to welcome you on board! Not only will you get to talk about travel, but we regularly run promotions exclusively for panelists where you can win prizes like Lonely Planet products and Amazon gift cards.

If you’d like to join this panel (numbers are limited) all you need to do is click the link below and take a short survey to register. We’ll look at your responses and depending on your age, travel experience and country of residence you might be one of the people we’re looking for! The type of people we need on the panel changes from time to time, so if you aren’t suitable for our panel this time we may contact you to participate in future.


Thanks again!


The Lonely Planet Travellers’ Pulse team

So there you have it. A chance to help pass your thoughts onto Lonely Planet, and the chance to win some prizes. If you do – do let me know what the calendar’s like.


4 responses to “Want to help Lonely Planet?

  1. Hi Geoff. Congrats on the LP tag. I found your blog through them as I’m going to Salta then hope to drive (hire car) up to Uyuni etc and hope to go down through San Pedro de Atacama in Chile then and back over to Salta and owards by air. I’d be grateful if you could advise whether it is possible to drive independently from Uyuni down to San Pedro and back over to Salta (4×4 trip I assume) and find places to stay (you mention mountain huts) and fuel/ food on the way.

    Thanks mate (I also live near Clapham Common!)

    • Hey Geoff, I would strongly advise against trying to drive across the Salar de Uyuni yourself – it’s a vast, featureless landscape, where GPS is of little use, and where finding directions yourself would be incredibly difficult. Even off the Salar, the rest of the journey towards the border is not on roads, and you could easily get lost. I’m also not sure you can book the huts independently, as they all seem to be reserved by the tour groups. However If you’re determined I’m sure there are people who have done it – it’s probably worth doing some extensive googling on that front, because if they have, they are bound to have written about it. But it certainly would not be a trip for the faint-hearted.

  2. Hi – Been following your blog for almost a year now. Just wanted to say thanks for this link, had forgotten I’d filled it in until a very nice calendar turned up.

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