A New Year’s Resolution

Let’s face it, I’ve been a bit rubbish about keeping this blog updated since I got back from travelling – a lot of that has been because it’s been pretty knackering getting used to working again after 15 months of lovely unemployment – but now I’m settled in again, that’s a pretty lame excuse.

I must admit I’ve never found writing particularly easy, but it’s a good discipline to stick to, partly because I enjoy sharing my experiences of travelling with people, but also because it’s a nice record for myself, and keeping up with it is a way of capturing the memories of all the fantastic experiences I’ve had, and even just a year later, I really enjoy going back and reading about what I’ve been up to.

So in that spirit, and prompted by the folks at wordpress, I’m going to attempt to use their ‘post a week in 2011’ initiative to try and give me a reason to post more regularly. Last week I wrote about my four months of travelling through nine countries in 2010 and next up will be the first of my posts about my trip to Nicaragua in November. Wish me luck, and thanks for reading.


4 responses to “A New Year’s Resolution

  1. your best resolution ever, cant wait to read your great blogs every week

  2. From a completely selfish POV – this is a great resolution – I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog, so do keep up the great work!

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