Enjoying the sunset at Las Peñitas

Any Americans reading this who are looking for an unusual and varied short break could do a hell of a lot worse than visit Leon, Nicaragua. It’s only a couple of hours by bus from Managua airport, and in the surrounding area there is a fantastic variety of things to do. Aside from the charms of the beautiful colonial city itself, there are great volcanoes nearby to hike up and board down, all about an hour away from the city. And after all that activity, you can chill out at the equally nearby Pacific coast village of Las Peñitas.
Sunset at las penitas beach leon nicaragua
On day off between hiking up volcanoes, Adrian & I sorted out our flights to the Caribbean and then headed down to the coast for a few beers while checking out the surf. It was a marvellous feeling, only four days after leaving cold and grey London to be sat in a quiet little beach front bar listening to the huge waves crash against the deserted beach as the sun went down.
Running along the beach
Sadly the waves looked a little bit too big and dangerous for much swimming (and as I learnt last Christmas in Bali, surfing is clearly not the sport for me), but we had great fun letting the waves crash over us and playing around with the camera trying to get nice shots of the waves and the sunset, all culminating in the inevitable jumping shot.
Jumping at las penitas beach leon nicaragua
Sadly we only had time for a very brief visit, but the town would make a great place to stay for a few days – it’s wonderfully quiet, with loads of nice little palm-roofed bars and restaurants, as well as cheap places to stay.

You can see all of my photos from Nicaragua here.

Next stop: Chilling out and diving in the Caribbean, on Little Corn Island


6 responses to “Enjoying the sunset at Las Peñitas

  1. Geoff I’ve been following your blog for some time now and I have to say I’ve seen quite an improvement in your work over the years – and this is probably the best!

    I am of course talking about your jumps!!

    This one is a cracker – you have got a great deal of height and your heels have flicked up very high, whilst your arms are embracing the air – Fantastic, keep up the good work!!

    • Cheers Will! I was quite proud of that one…although I think I need to start developing a few new jumping techniques if I’m going to keep my jumping fans happy!

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  3. Awesome. Do trump the “Buddha” jumping shot though. Jump, do an “Indian sit” and put your thumbs to your pointer fingers.

  4. Lovely looking beach. From the airport you say its just a few hours is that 2-3 hours more travel by bus to get to the location you were.

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