Nicaragua in Pictures: Gorgeous Granada

Granada was our final stop in Nicaragua, and it was a fantastically relaxing place to spend a few days chilling out. In my mind it sits somewhere between the other two famous colonial cities Central America – nowhere near as touristy and gringofied as Antigua in Guatemala, but a little bit more polished and developed than nearby Leon. It’s as beautiful as both, and contains a similar mix of beautiful churches, colourful colonial houses, the odd crumbling ruin, and a pretty, leafy central square. Like both, it’s also overlooked by the huge silhouette of a nearby volcano – the huge Volcan Mombacho. In terms of things like museums, Granada isn’t as good as Leon – but it doesn’t matter as it’s a great, and pretty safe, place to just wander round soaking up the atmosphere.

Granada Cathedral, Nicaragua

The stunning cathedral

Volcan Mombacho

Volcan Mombacho

Guadelupe Church, Granada, Nicaragua

Guadelupe Church

Horse-drawn wooden hearse

Horse-drawn wooden hearse

Crumbling old hospital in Granada, Nicaragua

Antiguo Hospital - the crumbling old hospital, great for exploring!

Mercado Municipal de Granada

The old municipal market

Two horses against a red background

My favourite photo from Nicaragua

Pink, gold and green building

One of the colourful colonial houses in Granada

Oh, and if you’re backpacking around Granada on a budget you could do a lot worse than stay in the lovely Hostel Oasis, in a lovely colonial house in a great, central location near the market, with good rooms and a lovely little pool which is perfect for cooling off in after a hot day of sightseeing.

You can see all my photos from Granada here, and you can read all my other posts about Nicaragua here


6 responses to “Nicaragua in Pictures: Gorgeous Granada

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  2. And the blog is complete. Thanks Geoff – feels like I’ve relived the whole brilliant holiday :-)

  3. Whats that covering the horses that are in front of the hearse?

  4. Great photos! Didn’t know about the Hospital. I actually liked the run-down city of Leon a bit better though.

  5. Looks great! Keen to give the place a visit!

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