Countries I’ve Visited

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So far, in order of when I visited them, these are the 65 countries I’ve been to, along with links to the posts I’ve written and the photos I’ve taken:

1. The UK (blog posts about England / Wales / pictures of England / Wales)
Like, duh, I was born here.

2. France
My first trip abroad was a French exchange to Rouen in 1986, for which purpose I got a British Visitors Passport from the Post Office. Can you imagine that happening now?! Since then I’ve been back (I think) 25 times, including two camping trips (Brittany, the Dordogne & Provence), two business trips (Paris & Eurodisney), seven more Paris trips (a birthday, a romantic weekend, a trip to see Fleetwood Mac, a visit with my boyfriend’s mum, stopovers on the way to & back from New Zealand, and a visit to the French Open Tennis where it rained all day), a Ryanair bargain (Carcassonne was the cheapest flight I could find), nine ski trips (La Plagne in 2008, Les Arcs in 2009 & 2012, Courchevel in 2015 & 2018, Val D’Isere in 2015, Chamonix in 2016 & 2019, and Avoriaz in 2020), a long weekend with friends just outside Toulouse in 2018, two trips to Cannes for the festival of advertising in 2018 & 2019 and possibly most fun of all, a twelve-hour overnight visit to Paris with no sleep (thanks to Eurostar’s clubbing fare).

3. Russia
Not every school kid got to go on a school trip to the USSR. I was very lucky back in 1988 (thanks Mum & Dad for agreeing to pay!) to go to Moscow & Leningrad. I’m dying to go back to see quite how much they’ve changed.

4. Armenia
…even luckier that the trip also took in a visit to Yerevan.

5. Georgia
…from where we drove over the Caucasus mountains to Tbilisi.

6. Azerbaijan
…and then a train on to Baku.

7. Monaco
On my second family camping trip, in 1988 (I think), to the south of France, we drove over to Monaco for the day.

8. Italy
…and then nipped over the border to Ventimiglia, just to say we’d done it. Since then I’ve been back to Rome (2000) & Milan (2002). Hated them both. I finally had a good time when I spent a day skiing in Courmayeur in 2016 (popping over the border from France), and returned to Rome in 2018 and had a much better time than my visit 18 years previously.

9. Germany
After years of nagging Dad to try and get posted overseas by work, he finally gave in. We ended up in Germany. I was disappointed (hey, I wanted Cyprus), but grew to love the place, and it’s now one of my favourite places. Aside from living there, I’ve been to Aachen on a school trip in 1991, I’ve also back to my old hometown, Berlin seven times (1999, 2004, 2005, 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2022), and to Hamburg (four times for work in 2007).

10. Austria
A summer holiday with the family in Bavaria gave us the opportunity to spend a day in Salzburg. I finally returned for a second visit, this time to Vienna, in 2011.

11. Belgium (pictures)
First proper visit was an A-level politics trip in 1991 where we spent the week discussing European politics. In French. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I loved it, and it changed the course of my life, as it was after that i decided to languages at uni, and to do it in London. We were based in Genk, but also visited Brussels, Bruges and Leuven. I returned in 2001 to visit a friend in Brussels, and for a third trip in 2009 to Antwerp.

12. Netherlands
First visit was to Maastricht in 1991 as part of my first trip to Belgium. Since then, I’ve spent numerous weekends in Amsterdam, and lived for a while in Utrecht as part of my degree.

13. Spain (blog posts)
My first holiday after graduating was 10 days in Barcelona in 1996. It’s subsequently become my most visited country in Europe, with 19 visits to date – I’ve been back to Barcelona in 2001 (to see the F1 Grand Prix), twice in 2005, and most recently in 2012 and again in 2013. In 2001, I travelled to Madrid, Seville, Granada and Cordoba. In 2014 I stayed Sitges, and in both 2017 & 2018 I visited Gran Canaria. Most of all though, I’ve been to Ibiza, visiting in 1997, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007 and twice in 2008. My 20th visit was to Sitges & Mallorca in October 2018, and my 21st trip was to Sitges followed by a road trip down the coast to Alicante via Valencia in September 2019. In 2022 I made my 22nd visit, spending a week in Cadiz.

14. Canada
I was looking on Teletext for a cheap flight to Spain in spring 1997. Instead, I found one for £99 to Toronto. Spent two weeks there and visiting Niagara falls. Loved it.

15. USA
First visit was for about an hour during my Niagara Falls visit in 1997. Thanks to some compensation from United Airlines, I managed to wangle a freebie weekend in New York in 1999. I’ve followed that up with a whirlwind week visiting New York, San Francisco & Washington DC in 2000, working weeks in New York in 2005 & 2013, and a weekend of partying in Miami on my way from Honduras to Colombia as part of my 09-10 RTW trip. One of my closets friends lives in LA, and I’ve been out to see him there four times, in  2014, 2016, 2017 & 2019. My eleventh visit was to Austin for a work trip in 2022.

16. China
Well, Hong Kong actually (I feel like I need to go back and see China proper to justify having it coloured on the map there). Spent two weeks there in 1998 pursuing a doomed long-distance romance. I came closer to proper visits in December 2018 & January 2019 in two six-hour layovers in Shanghai on the way to & from New Zealand.

17. Thailand
On my trip to Hong Kong I also made a trip to Koh Samui for five days on the beach. I subsequently returned three times for stopovers in Bangkok, in 1999 on the way back from Sydney, and in 2007/8 on the way to/from Laos. In 2010 I returned for a fifth visit, this time seeing Krabi, Ko Phi Phi, Phuket and Bangkok before heading on to Burma. My sixth visit was spent entirely in Bangkok airport on the way from Burma to Cambodia. I then returned two weeks later for a seventh visit as the final leg of my round the world trip, before flying home from Bangkok. In 2012 I managed a nine & tenth visit, again to Bangkok, this time on the way to and from Vietnam. in 2013 I returned for an 11th time, this time for a very chilled out break on the little island of Koh Lipe. In 2016 my 12th trip took me back to Bangkok and a chilled week island hopping across Koh Lanta & Koh Ngai. My 13th & 14th visits were in January 2020, visiting Bankgok and Mae Sot.

18. Australia
Thanks to a generous bonus from work (and in an incredible stroke of luck winning free business class flights), I had the holiday of a lifetime in Cairns & Sydney in 1999. I returned in 2006 to visit relatives on the Gold Coast and friends in Sydney, and in 2010 as part of my round the world trip. My fourth visit was a trip to see friends on the Sunshine Coast in 2019, and my fifth was for a wedding in Melbourne in 2020.

19. Ireland
Considering my family connections, and its proximity to the UK, I’m amazed this didn’t come sooner. In fact, my first visit was a work trip to Dublin, as were most of the subsequent ones. Other than work I’ve been once for a gig, also to Dublin, as well as twice to Waterford, once for work and once for pleasure.

20. Vatican City
Visiting the world’s smallest country is a bit of a no-brainer for the country-collector while you’re in Rome. So that’s exactly what I did in 2000. View from the top of St Peter’s is worth it though.

21. Finland
“Hello? Is that The Times free flights promotion? Yes, I’d like to go to Madrid please. What? That’s gone already? For the next six months? OK then. Lisbon. No? Hmm. Rome? Munich? Athens? None of them? Helsinki is all that’s left you say? Oh well, I suppose that’ll have to do”. Not the most auspicious start to my first trip in 2001. Turned out to be great fun though. Much moreso than all my subsequent visits, which were mostly there and back in a day for work. Still haven’t been pony trekking or camping yet though.

22. Hungary
Despite being caught in a freak record-breaking heatwave, soaked to the skin in the heaviest rain I have ever had the misfortune to be caught in, and getting my first ever wasp sting during my visit in 2002, I’m not going to hold it against Hungary, as Budapest rocks. I returned in November 2019 for my boyfriend’s 40th birthday.

23. Turkey (blog posts / pictures)
When I won a holiday to Turkey in 2004 via work, I was delighted; when I found it was an activity holiday for families, everyone who knew me laughed. Turns out I loved the sailing and waterskiing (even if my companion didn’t), and was the big step that really began the shift of my travels from being party-centric to being more outdoorsy. in 2008, I returned, this time to Istanbul.

24. Japan
I only ended up there in 2006 by accident, as it turned out JAL was the cheapest way to fly to Brisbane. Once I’d booked it, I ended up more excited about my stopover than my holiday. It didn’t disappoint.

25. Portugal (blog posts / pictures)
I didn’t make my first visit til 2006, but already I’ve probably seen more of Portugal than any other European country, thanks to a roadtrip taking in Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra, Obidos, Batalha, Fatima, Nazare, the Pinhal de Leiria, Figueira da Foz and Coimbra on my first trip. I returned twice in 2008, once to see Lisbon again and the second time to explore the Algarve. In 2012 I spent a weekend in Porto, and I’ve been back to Lisbon five times – for work in 2013, twice in 2014, once in 2015 and most recently in 2018.

26. Greece
After years of taking my annual beach holiday to Ibiza, I finally tried something different in 2006, heading instead to Mykonos. I finally made it back for a second visit in 2022, this time to Zakynthos

27. Mexico (blog posts / pictures)
Sat in a pub over Christmas 2006 I was complaining about how being single meant missing out on holidays. Six weeks later I was on my first proper backpacking trip, in southern Mexico, with the people from the pub. In 2009, I returned to Mexico as the first stop on my 2009-10 round the world trip for a seven week stay. Ten years later I returned in March 2019 to visit Mexico City & Oaxaca, reminding me why it’s my favourite country in the world. My fifth visit saw me return to Mexico City and the Yucatan peninsula just before Christmas 2021.

28. Belize
We also managed to squeeze in a bit of Belize (actually, a bit more than we bargained for after a comedy of errors involving missed buses, forgotten guidebooks, misleading advice from locals, and getting the exchange rate wrong) during the same trip, as it was en route to…

29. Guatemala (blog posts / pictures)
…Tikal in Guatemala. I’ve already written several times about quite how amazing that place is. I returned to the country in May 2009 to study Spanish and hike volcanoes.

30. UAE
Including the UAE is cheating really, as I’ve only stepped foot inside Abu Dhabi airport, on the way to & from Laos in 2007/8, and again in Dubai airport on the way to and from Malaysia in 2013. Four fleeting visits. Next time I get an Emirates flight I’ll have to stop over for at least a night.

31. Laos (blog posts)
When I booked three weeks in Laos over Christmas 2007, i didn’t quite realise the effect it would have on me. By the time I got back, I’d decided to quit my job and finally do the travelling thing properly.

32. Poland (blog posts) / pictures)
November 2008 saw me visiting Krakow with friends for my birthday, and it was great.

33. Norway
First new country (of many) for 2009 was Norway, for a stag weekend on skis. Rivalling Mexico as the friendliest country I’ve ever visited, I’ll definitely be returning when I get back from my RTW, to see Oslo and hopefully the northern lights. It’s also by the far most expensive place too though, so a proper return trip has waited much longer than I’d like. Most recently I visited for the day for a work trip in 2018, but a longer visit still awaits.

34. Switzerland
My first visit doesn’t really count – I flew into Geneva in March 2009 to reach my ski holiday just over the border in France, and then back out again a week later. But I returned for a proper visit in 2011, when I spent a week skiing in the Bernese Oberland and a night in Zurich

35. Honduras (blog posts / pictures)
The first new country of my 2009-10 round the world trip, I spent two weeks there in June 2009, mostly learning to dive in the Bay Islands.

36. Colombia (blog posts / pictures)
I arrived in Colombia for my first trip to South America in June 2009, and spent six weeks in the country.

37. Peru (blog posts / pictures)
My second stop in South America was Peru, in August 2009. I spent six weeks in the country, most of which was spent hiking in the Andes.

38. Bolivia
Country number three in my South American trip, I arrived in September 2009, and spent a couple of weeks in the country. Far too short, I definitely need to go back!

39. Chile
My first visit was a fleeting two day stop in the Atacama desert on the way from Bolivia to Argentina. I returned six days later, to the capital, Santiago, and then spent a few days in stunning (and very remote) Easter Island.

40. Argentina
My fifth South American country was just a short visit on my way from Bolivia to Santiago, but in that time I managed to eat steak every day. Mmmm. I returned in November 2015 to see the country properly, with two weeks in Patagonia & Buenos Aires

41. New Zealand
I just had a brief stop of 6 days in New Zealand on my way from Chile to Australia. I’ve had a Kiwi boyfriend since 2015, and visited to meet his family in the autumn of 2016. My next visit was over Christmas in 2018 and I’ll definitely be back again in future.

42. Indonesia
First stop on the Asian leg of my RTW trip was Indonesia, arriving in November 2009. After using up my 30 day visa, I arrived with a new one 10 days later to see a bit more of the country. It ended up being the country I spent the longest time in during my round the world trip.

43. East Timor / Timor Leste
One of the newest countries in the world, I’d always been intrigued about visiting Timor Leste (as the locals call it). Needing to get a new Indonesian visa gave me the perfect opportunity to.

44. Malaysia
Getting from Indonesia to the Philippines required a quick two day stopover in KL. I had planned to stay longer but plans changed and never made it. So I went back in 2013, mostly eating my way around KL, Melaka, Penang, Langkawi & the Cameron Highlands.

45. The Philippines
Thanks to Air Asia’s sale I was able to make the hop over the South China Sea at a bargain price, and I should be here for about four weeks.

46. Singapore
Getting back from the Philippines was even cheaper with Tiger Airways – and so I celebrated Chinese New Year with friends over a 7 day break in the city in 2010. I returned in 2020 on the way to Thailand, and for a third time a week later on my way from Thailand to Australia.

47. Myanmar (Burma)
The penultimate new country on my round the world trip was a very last minute addition to my itinerary – and I’m so glad I visited. I spent an incredible two weeks in the country. I returned a decade later for a weekend with friends in Mawlamyine.

48. Cambodia
The final stop on my round the world trip gave me just enough time to check out Angkor Wat and then spend my final few days chilling out on the beach.

49. Croatia
After two months in London trying to find a job, I got one, and then took myself off to Croatia for a week to celebrate before starting work again (eek!). It was stunning.

50. Bosnia & Herzegovina
Travelling overland between Split & Dubrovnik in Croatia requires driving through the tiny slither of Bosnia that meets the sea. I was only in the country for 37 minutes but that was enough to drive the full length of the coastline (the world’s second shortest, after Monaco) and stop for a coffee. That barely counted as a visit. My 2nd trip was a tiny bit longer, as we drove from Dubrovnik airport up to the north of Montenegro. On the way though we managed a swim, lunch, getting stopped by the police, seeing the country’s most beautiful national park and coming across the most incredible war memorial I’ve ever seen. All that without staying a night. I’ll definitely be back for more after that.

51. Nicaragua
My first big holiday since starting work again was two weeks in Nicaragua in November 2010, and in that time I managed to see a fair bit of this beautiful country.

52. Slovakia
First new country of 2011 was Slovakia, which I visited in combination with a trip to Vienna over a long weekend. I returned briefly in 2012 for a business trip.

53. Morocco
In September 2011 I finally made it to the one inhabited continent I hadn’t visited yet – Africa. I spent two weeks in the country and it turned to be one of the most fascinating I’d been to yet.

54. Egypt
My final trip of 2011 took me to my second African country, Egypt, for a week of diving and relaxing before Christmas – although actually the bit I went to, the Sinai peninsula, is actually part of Asia.

55. Vietnam
In May 2012 I visited the one mainland South East Asian country I hadn’t been to, for a two week holiday travelling in the southern half of the country. I can’t wait to go back to see the North now.

56. Malta
My last two new countries of 2012 were Europe’s two smallest island nations. First up was a week exploring the islands of Malta and Gozo.

57. Iceland
Just over a month later I flew to Iceland in an attempt to see the Northern lights. We failed, but I fell in love with the country anyway. I’ll definitely be back one summertime to explore more.

58. Ethiopia
In November 2013 I took a two-week trip to Ethiopia, my first time in sub-saharan Africa, and it blew my mind. It’s an incredible country.

59. Montenegro
In the summer of 2014 I spent a week in my third former Yugoslav nation, the tiny but beautiful Montenegro.

60. Mozambique
I spent three weeks in Mozambique over Christmas & New Year 2014, travelling almost the full length of the country.

61. South Africa
While in Mozambique I popped over the border into South Africa for a couple of days to see the magnificent Kruger National Park, one of the highlights of my travelling career.

62. Sweden
In February 2015 I spent a weekend in Gothenburg for one of my best friend’s 40th birthdays. I returned the same summer to visit Stockholm for a different friend’s 40th birthday. My third visit was a day-trip from Copenhagen, taking me over the Øresund bridge to Malmö.

63. Denmark
A few weeks after visiting Stockholm I had a weekend trip to neighbouring Nordic capital Copenhagen, making Denmark my fifth and final Nordic country. I returned in February 2019.

64. Brazil
I had such a fantastic time at the London Olympics in 2012 I decided to do it again in 2016, and made my first trip to Brazil, starting in Sao Paulo, and then travelling along the coast to Rio de Janeiro.

65. Sri Lanka
in May 2017 I spent a wonderful two weeks mostly eating my round the beautiful island of Sri Lanka, heading diagonally across the country from Colombo to Trincomallee via Kandy and the ancient cities of the North.

66. El Salvador
In November 2018 I visited my fifth Central American nation on a two week trip, my first big solo backpacking trip for 8 years.

67. Czech Republic
My long overdue first trip to the central European nation was for a stag weekend in 2019.

68. Israel
I made my first visit to Israel in October 2019 on a business trip to Tel Aviv. I’d love to go back to see more.

69. Barbados
In a break between COVID lockdowns I made it to Barbados at the end of 2020. I meant to stay for a week, but thanks to lockdowns back home I ended up staying a month.

I’m still making holiday plans for the rest of 2020, but it looks like I’ll be returning to Italy at some point.

As well as these 69 Independent countries, I’ve also visited two self-governing dependent territories:

1. Hong Kong SAR
The closest I’ve got visiting China was on a two week trip to Hong Kong in 1998.

2. Gibraltar
I visited Gibraltar on business for two days in 2018, (briefly) for a second time in 2022, as I transited straight away into Spain after leaving the airport. I returned a week later for a third visit, this time staying the night and finally climbing the rock.

32 responses to “Countries I’ve Visited

  1. What an impressive list! I’m just mildly jealous!

  2. Wonderful!! I wonder where you have been in Turkey and you should definitely try Dodecanese islands close to Asia Minor! ;)

  3. Wow, I wonder when I’ll travel as much as you have :)

    I’m working on a project related with traveling and it would be very interesting to contact you. Please, drop me a line.

    All best

  4. Hi,
    I loved your description of the Huayhuash Circuit and would love to try it myself. I was wondering how did you prepare for the trek ? What would you say is the fitness level required for this trek?


    • The hike is physically challenging, but should be fine for anyone fit – I’d say the best way to prepare would be to do as much hiking as you can back home. If that’s not possible, then any kind of regular aerobic exercise should help. Also, make sure you leave enough time to acclimatise on arriving in Peru, and do a day hike or two (to somewhere like Laguna Churup or Laguna 69) beforehand.

  5. Wow what a list!! Go you! What do you have against Africa?

  6. In Finland we have every winter world’s biggest Snow Castle, so think visiting it some day. Later I’ll post a blog about it.


  7. Very impressive site. A great traveler. Hope to be like you one day.

  8. what a list!!! hope to go to those countries too in the future…

  9. wow! whatta hobby :)

  10. Bravo for including the Philippines in your long list of destinations and stopovers! Glad to see and read your blogs.
    Looks like we share our love for Mexico. Having lived in the U.S. for more than 25 years, I have to admit I kind of underestimated its allure. Now I cannot help but think of it every day and want to explore the under-seen and undervisited Mexico. Not much on the beaches and the tourist trail but more on its heart: its colonial towns and cities, the zocalos and mercados, and try those innumerable taquerias and food items yet to be discovered (by me)!

  11. I have got a bit of a way to catch up with you, but I have got to 31. I was amused to see you count Ventamiglia, as you did exactly what my family did when I was young.

  12. Out of all the places you’ve visited…which one would you say is your favourite? Have you ever visited a particular place more than once?

    ps. I’m jealous btw lol


    • So far I think my favourite is Mexico – and yes, there are many places I’ve been to once – especially Spain, which I’ve been to almost every year for quite a while now

  13. I’m soooo jealous.

    I wanna be like you when I grow up. :D

  14. Geoff,

    I have been following you since the day you left…I am still in awe as I was when you first took off. You are an inspiration…I haven’t become a nomad yet, but I am well on my way! Cheers and safe travels!

  15. Too bad India is not in that list. You should really keep that on your to-do list.
    Check out for a glimpse of what’s waiting for you :-)

    • It’s definitely on my to-do list – but I plan to save it for a future trip when I can visit India and Pakistan (where my father was born) together. I didn’t want to do the country an injustice by just popping in for 2 or 3 weeks – everyone says to get the best out of the country you need to be there longer, so it’s a whole big trip on its own

  16. Great blog, and look forward to following your international exploits. Out of interest (no surprise, given my ‘interesting’ expertise!), have you come across any men in black (or wearing trenchcoats, lol) on your travels, or felt you’ve been watched?

  17. awww…no Caribbean islands? great list but would be greater with a trip to the West Indies, Geoff. Good luck, be safe and I will now be following your adventures.

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  19. Hey Geoff, you left me mesmerized with your blog. Each piece is wonderfully written. I’m a 31-year-old businessman and banker from the Philippines, a travel aficionado as well, and I have to say, bloggers like you can dispel a lot of negative impressions about one’s country. Hopefully in the very near future, together with my soon-to-be wife, we can duplicate your feat of travelling around the world while still at our prime.

    Your piece accurately depicts what the Philippines has to offer, with our 7,107 island-archipelago. We are truly more than just the much-maligned corruption in the government and call center facilities answering the volume of daily calls from America and several parts of the world. We might not be a first-world country given that a great number of our countrymen remain impoverished (due to corruption in the government) but this fact doesn’t equate that our islands do not have something distinct to offer to world travellers.

    Beer the cheapest, true! A bottle of locally-branded beer costs as low as USD .30 in the supermarkets. The lower cost of living here has forced big North American-based companies (e.g. Deutsche, JP Morgan & Chase, Telus, Ingram Micro) to put up their own facilities and hire their own employees in Manila and Cebu. Lower cost of living = lower wages.

  20. hi :)
    India is a must- intriguing, annoying, simply addictive , Sri Lanka is cool, too.

  21. Fifty countries?? Wow! I’m more than mildly jealous! Well done! I’m going to start visiting more countries this year.

  22. I am so surprised Rome didn’t do it for you!

  23. Let’s see now. Firstly – I’m sooooo jealous! What work do you do and how old are you? :O Is that too many questions? You don’t need to answer the second one. But that’s so awesome.
    Wait, so you’re saying your school trip took you to Russia and then the Caucasus? I’m super duper jealous because Armenia and Georgia are on my list of places to do. Did you manage to go to the Svaneti?

  24. Have traveled to over 50 countries (including a few in Africa) thanks to the British navy mainly! and now residing in the Philippines, having met my Fiancee in Hong Kong!

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