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In case it’s not obvious from the name of the blog, I’m a Londoner who loves to travel. For most of my twenties I wasn’t that adventurous, but that all changed with a three-week backpacking trip to Mexico & Guatemala in 2007.

After that holiday I was hooked, and followed it up with another three week trip to Laos at Christmas 2007, where I had such a good time I decided to quit my job and do the whole travelling thing properly, which I did in March 2009, and spent a year visiting Central America, South America, New Zealand, Australia & South-East Asia.

When I’m not daydreaming about travel, I work for an advertising agency in London, and since getting back from my big trip I try and make the most of my holiday allowance – in the past year I’ve been to Croatia, Nicaragua & Switzerland – and am always busy planning my next trip.

The photo on my blog header is a panorama of Snake Island, just off the coast of Palawan in the Phillipines. It may be the closest to paradise I’ve been to – you can see all my travel photos, sorted by country, here.

In case you were wondering, the most frequent question about my travels is what my favourite country is – and the answer is Mexico. Can’t get enough of the place.

Oh, and the name’s Geoff. Thanks for dropping by.

86 responses to “About Me

  1. Great site Geoff, I’m looking forward to reading about your around the world trip. Linking you in my community page as we speak…

    Talk soon,


  2. Hey there! Just found your blog and I was absolutely stoked to see that I’m on your blog roll! Whoo! Huge thanks.

    Just had a quick look around and I think yours is a a blog I will have to watch! Good luck on your trip!

  3. Hey Geoff, good to find another British travel blogger – we are so outnumberd by the Americans. Look forward to hearing about your travels next year. If you plan in Ecuador I could give you a few suggestions as I visited last October. And shame on you for not checking out some of those sights on your doorstep – I can recommend the refectory at Southwark cathedral, when you’re next on the South Bank.

  4. Thanks Heather! Always nice to find another Brit travel blogger (not that I have anything against all the lovely American ones of course).

    I’m determined to make it to all those London places I’ve missed before I go, so watch this space. Good tip on the Southwark cathedral refectory – I shall check it out next time I’m there

  5. Great blog! Look forward to hearing about your trip, i’m very jealous!

  6. Happy travelplanning!! Any travel and/or diving advice needed for Indonesia and/or Beize, do give me a shout.

    Look forward to reading more.

  7. I definitely relate to your decision to travel – congrats on quiting your job. Quiting & selling stuff is when the adrenaline really started pumping about getting the adventure started. Congrats, again.

  8. Hi Geoff,

    CJ told me about your blog – as my horizons have narrowed with baby (Laura, born in oct- just gorgeous)- thought I’d follow yours widen. Trip sounds amazing. I look forward to hearing of your adventures. Just do it for all of us out here who are pathologically and shamefully unadventurous – we know who we are.


  9. Cheers Nic! Actually, I think having a baby is far more adventurous than travelling – must come round some time and see you before I go


  10. Good call about the whole traveling the world for a year thing! :)

  11. Hi Geoff :-) Trying to get in touch to see if you’d be interested in taking part in Lonely Planet BlogSherpa – if you’re interested drop me a note on matthew.cashmore@lonelyplanet.com

  12. I will miss you, but am so glad you’re updating your adventures on this. I just have one question, will there be an edited version and an unabridged………?

  13. I think the unabridged version will be kept for email!

  14. Ever consider advertising to help fund this?

  15. I know loads of people do, but it’s the not the reason I’m doing this, and I suspect it wouldn’t earn enough to make it worthwhile without me putting significant extra effort, so no!

  16. This is something I have considered doing myself over the years, but I’ve never had enough courage to do. I hope you have a great time!

  17. You’re in advertising – Me too. So not only are our itineraries kinda the same but we’re escaping the same thing.

  18. Just discovered your blog. I’ll be following you around the world…

  19. I love your site. Keep it up !

  20. hi geoff

    wow. its all systems go. have an amazing adventure. ill be dropping by to keep an eye on you.

    take care


  21. Great choice, the best way to grow up!

    PS Panorama of Clapham Common??????

  22. Hi,

    Just started following your blog – I’ve added a link on my own blog (http://andygeog.blogspot.com) .

    Keep up the good work!


  23. Great stuff. We’re looking forward to hearing about the rest of the trip!

    Flick us an email when you get started and we’ll give you a mention on the Indie Travel Podcast.

  24. I found you on LP’s blogsherpa programme. Love your site Geoff! I can definitely relate to what you’re doing at this moment – I opted out of my fab-paying banking job last year (before the banks went bust! – talk about impeccable timing!) and went travelling around the world too (for five months), returned to Amsterdam and now I blog about my travel experiences.

    Safe travels and keep those great articles coming.


    ps/ If you’re on Twitter, you can find me @velvetescape – if you’re not, I can definitely recommend it. Twitter is an amazing channel to market your articles.

    • Hi Keith, does this mean you make a living from this? I ask because I’m interested in doing this myself some day ……. Would be great to hear your advice! Thanks, Sarah

  25. Hi Geoff, just subscribed to your blog, and have started reading some posts… I’ve seen that you were in Honduras, was that during the coup d’etat? Let me know, because we were really eager to visit the Bay Islands to dive, but have discarded the whole country due to the situation. Congratulations on your decision and RTW trip. Will follow you :-)

    • I got out just before the coup. I believe things are pretty calm on the Bay Islands, but I suppose the problem maybe getting there. I’d suggest e-mailing one of the dive shops on Utila (such as Alton’s or UDC), I’m sure they can give you a more up to date picture on how things are

  26. Hi,

    I am Alvaro, the partner of Miguel from melargodeviaje.com, we are going to a very similar rute!! we start in september…what a coincidence! maybe we meet somewhere….you never know.
    Congratulations for the blog

  27. Hi,

    I was wondering if you wanted to exchange links.

    My URL is: http://asiatraveltales.com/

    Keep up the great work and look forward to your reply.


  28. loved your reports from Mexico – fantastic photos and great information too. There’s still a lot more to see there though, so you’ll just have to go back!

    • Don’t I know it – I could easily spend months, years even back in Mexico. Six countries into my trip and Mexico is still my favourite by quite some margin.

  29. Hi Geoff,

    I’m looking to travel around the world too when I finish grad school. But as of right now, I travel whenever and where ever I can between my 9-7.

    Would you be interested in exchanging links? I’ve already added you to my blogroll.


  30. Just stumbled on to your blog today, Geoff. My husband and I are headed to Mexico in October and on to South America in January, so we will be reading about your adventures with interest.

    Oh, and we have no kids, sold our house to get rid of the mortgage and are doing a bit of travelling around the world ourselves.


  31. I randomly stubbled across your blog as I was searching for things to do in Peru. I am traveling there for 2 weeks in November. The place sounds fantastic, I wish I had more time (unfortunately, I did not quit my job yet to travel full time). Would love to here your top recommendations on places to visit.

  32. I really like this blog. I am heading to Colombia and found it helpful. I am using the LP and as always, am expecting it to fall short in a lot of areas. One thing I do have to ask you is if the prices for hostels/food/excursions are a least somewhat acurate? That will be helpful in planning my budget. Safe travels, and as they say when traveling in S. America, Cuida tu riñón! (Watch your kidney)

  33. I love your blog! I stumbled upon it while looking into info re: Bolivia (I’m moving to La Paz in November for at least one year, so I’m trying to dig up all the info I can!!!), but I’ve continued reading it because it is so thoroughly enjoyable (well-written entries complimented by absolutely brilliant photos).

    Thanks! And best of luck with your trip!

  34. Love the blog. Been following for some time.
    If you are passing through Wellington and want to talk South America, I’m up for a beer.

  35. Hey Geoff, love your blog you’ve got a great set up! I reckon we must have been in a few of the same places around the same time in South America by the looks of it!! Just saw that you’ve been in Melbourne (my home city) lately – glad you liked it!! Enjoy the rest of your travels and keep up the great work on the blog :)
    (PS I liked Chile better than the general opinion too)

  36. I’ve been playing with the idea of jumping on a plane to Australia & New Zealand in Jan after finishing a year long project in London. All my friends have conformed & I haven’t quite so your blog has spurred me on to actually do it. Have a good trip wherever you’re next heading.

  37. Geoff,
    You certainly are getting around! The recent pics from Australia are quite enchanting! If you ever stay at any locally owned b&b’s, guest houses, hostels, or small hotels that are extraordinary during your travels, please let us know at darngooddigs.com. We would love to hear from you.

  38. Hi Geoff,

    Enjoy Indonesia. Your budget will appreciate it after Australia.

    I couldn’t find a contact email so I’m just posting here to see if you want to exchange links?

    I have added your link at: http://www.nomadicnotes.com/travel-blog-directory/


  39. Hi Geoff! We nominated you for Tripbase’s 3 Best Kept Travel Secrets game. Check out our post here and let us know if you’d like to play :)

  40. Hi there! just came across your blog, It’s amazing all what you’ve travelled, I love the insight you put into each post. Makes me wanna go to many of the places you’ve visited and revisit the ones where I’ve already been with a different angle.
    I look forward to the remainder of your world wide trip

    Greetings from Mexico

  41. hello geoff, i stumble accross your blog and i will now follow your adventures too. i am also on a rtw trip with chris, my partner, and as you we quit our london job for backpacking around the world.
    if you have some times i would love to see you around our blog too.
    ah i forgot to mention we added already your link to our blogroll.
    take care
    marta @atravelaroundtheworld.com

  42. Hi Geoff, stumbled on your blog ooh about 2 hours ago and have already changed my september travelling inteniary to include much more of Indonesia than Bali..
    many thanks for all the information, keep up the good work and safe travels,

  43. Geoff: Great to see your travel plan – Udhaya

  44. Hi Geoff.
    Great blog. Just to let you know that having kids is no reason to stop travelling!
    We are travelling with our 1 year old around South America for 6 months. Not only that we are having a great time and have just been in Brazil for Carnaval.
    Life does not end with babies and a mortgage :-)

  45. Hi Geoff,
    Amazed with ur passion to a round-the-world backpacking trip. Indonesia is a must place to visit. trust me! because i am indonesian people whom just realized how beautiful my countries, and how great is the Creator of it (God), after i travelled to Dieng mountains & crater, and Warna lake in Dieng area. Enjoy Indonesia! Good luck. Happy travelling!

  46. this is so interesting, thanks for sharing

  47. Hello IL!
    Over the last few months I have found your blog a great source of info. Do you mind if we exchange links? Thanks

  48. I love your website!! I’m so excited to read all your posts, the ones I’ve read so far are wonderfully written and seem to give a great sense of the place. I also have 6 weeks’ backpacking experience, 4 of them solo, and am going to set off for a year abroad. I think I might do work-travel in Australia for most of it, though, and then spend three months in SE Asia, two doing a long-distance hike/road trip in the US (where I’m from), and if all goes well a month or so doing volunteer work in Liberia or Ghana. There’s just SO much to see!!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  49. what kind of camera do you use?

    • Mostly a Canon G10; a small number from Chile onwards (including all of the shots from Easter Island and New Zealand) are with a Canon SD1200IS

  50. Hi Geoff,

    I’d like to contact you, I’d appreciate if you send me an email.


  51. Excellent blog and photos. Congrats on everything! You inspired me to convene with the orangutans. I am wondering if you could tell me how many days you spent at the lodge? Is a week enough to do that as well as check out Lake Toba? Thanks so much and safe travels!

    • Yes, a week is enough time, although bear in mind it takes half a day to get from Medan to Bukit Lawang or Lake Toba, and about a full day to get from Lake Toba to Bukit Lawang (via Medan). I spent just 2 nights in Bukit Lawang and 2 in Lake Toba – but could easily have done with 3 in each

      • Thanks for the advice! One more question if you don’t mind: I’m trying to arrange for a tour in Bukit Lawang. Do you remember the name of who you arranged that with and/or where you stayed? Again, thanks so much for your info!!!

      • I didn’t arrange anything in advance – just turned up and booked when I arrived in the evening and then started the trek the next morning – you don’t even have to look for a guide, a guide will certainly find you!

  52. Your blog is inspiring, just finished reading it from start to finish for the second time.
    Where next?
    thanks and keep up the great writing

  53. Great blog – me and the kids (teens) will be back in Indo this July, hoping to get as far as Flores after the obligatory stay with the grandparents/nieces/nephews/cousins etc…… Been trying to get there since 1988! Would be very grateful for any tips aimed at deeply impoverished travel. BTW – live just down the road from Clapham!

  54. Geoff-

    I’m finding it hard to peel my eyes away from your posts, which wouldn’t be a problem except I’m suppose to be working right now :-/

    My mind is just as fidgety as the rest of me in the aspect that it just wants to go go GO and reading about your travels makes me so envious and excited at the same time. See I’m a 24 year old who feels so stuck in this 9-5 post grad pace and I’m about to start a new journey too. First it will be just a US road trip but I have no idea where I’ll end up. I’m hoping to one day set foot onto the rest of the world and inspiration like yours is all the driving force I need to keep my head up and my heart on the right track. Thanks so much, keep up the great posts and happy trails.

    PS – was skimming your blog roll thanks for the great suggestions, found lots of new fun people to follow. I was hoping that ‘Brooke vs the World’ was working because I heard from another blogger that she was a 24 yr old sole venturer that I really wanted to read about however her blog is still no longer up? Maybe you could help out a baby blogger like myself and swap her out for another 24 year old full of love-N-wanderlust :-)



  55. Very Great to see your travel !! Welcome to India.

  56. Wow. What an inspirational story. I’ve sat here read, for what has turned out to be hours and have laughed and been moved to tears. I only hope my travels (set off in 9 days) will be as amazing as yours.
    I’ve just left my primary school, teaching post in order to travel for a year – or as long as the money lasts – and I was particularly interested in your trip to Burma. I have always wanted to visit but have been aware of the boycott. I now understand the situation from a different perspective, having read your story, and am now going to pull out all the stops to get there. Hopefully as a single traveller I will be able to pick up some like minded people in Thailand – my first stop. If you (or your friend, who knows all about Burma) have any tips or other advice about best way to get there, places to stay and people to see, etc, please let me know by email. Most importantly, any ideas of ways to support the people – as a teacher?

    All the best for future travelling and thank you.

    • Thanks Gemma!

      Meeting people to travel with in Burma was surprisingly easy – first off I stayed in the Lub*D hostel in Bangkok (which is one the nicest I stayed in in Asia, although pricier than the Kao San Rd cheapies) as it’s just around the corner from the Burmese embassy. I then went down there, applied for my visa (get there early in the morning for when the doors open, as there is a queue) – while I was there I met two fellow travellers who were planning to head to Burma the same day I was – one of whom turned out to be staying in my hostel). Once the visa was approved I booked my flight for a couple of days later (Air Asia is cheapest) and booked a hostel in Yangon – the Motherland Inn 2, which is where all the backpackers stay. The three of us from Bangkok then got to know another two backpackers on the flight, and it was the 5 of us (all solo travellers, from 4 countries) who ended up travelling together for our whole time in Burma, and had an amazing time together, we worked out what to do from a combination of word of mouth (asking the Burmese who worked in the Motherland Inn, as well as fellow travellers) and the Lonely Planet. Let me know if you need any more info, and you’ll have an amazing time!

  57. Please tell us about Croatia!!!


  58. Cool site – great design =)

  59. I, personally, am an American born and bred, but I want to move to London when I’m older. I’ve been on WordPress for two years now but I rarely see many blogs written by a Londoner. I’m so happy I’ve found you!
    Great blog!

  60. Hi Geoff,
    so glad to have come across your site!!! It was so good to read. Will go to the Phillipines next month and I am pretty much adopting your itinary. I used to life in Clapham, too! Now in the East…I have no idea if you are around in January and if you think that this message is a bit weird….anyway, I am just asking now very directly… Could I maybe meet you for a beer and a chat by any chance? I am always traveling on my own so it would be so interesting and nice to get in contact with mind-like people upfront.
    Hope to hear back from you!
    Best wishes, Anja

  61. Hi Geoff.

    Great blog! I haven’t been to half of where you have gone. It seems like you’ve explored more of my country (Philippines) than I have, and I would really love to get your thoughts on Palawan (plus you’re cute too). :-)

    I currently live in Germany and have been making my way around Europe. It is amazing, but Southeast Asia still tops everywhere else (I have been) in terms of food, nature and value for money.

    I’m currently planning a getaway with friends and cousins to Palawan in the middle of this year, and would love to get insider info from someone who’s done it before. It would be great to hear from you.

  62. Geoff,

    Your site has been a rough guide for me and I plan on using your itinerary as my backbone. I leave March 1 for Colombia and really don’t have an itinerary, except for the first 3 nights in Cartagena. I got my typhoid shot today and am getting anxious/nervous. Have you ever taken malaria pills? I am apprehensive about doing so, mainly because my trip is 4 months (Colombia, Brasil, Bolivia and Peru). I figure you would be the best person to ask for advice because of your extensive travels.

    I thank you once again for your Web site. It is incredibly valuable.

    • Hey Lauren,

      Thanks for the comment, and glad to see it’s been useful! I would hardly say I’m the best person for advice – I think you might find a doctor would be better than me! I can only repeat the advice that I was given by a travel clinic, as I had similar concerns about being in potential malaria regions for that long. Their main advice was (1) that it was most important to focus on avoiding being bitten by using bug spray containing DEET, as this not only protects against malaria but also against dengue fever, which you can’t prevent using pills. So regardless of whether you choose to take pills or not, bite prevention is still important to avoid dengue. Secondly, they advised that I was spending the majority of my time in the mountains where the risk was lower, that I should only take pills around the time I was in the jungle where the risk was higher (obviously starting to take the pills in advance of arriving in the jungle and afterwards to, the length of time before/after depends on which pills you take). Hope that’s useful, but I think going to a travel clinic could be even more useful! Hope you have an amazing trip. Geoff

  63. Thank you Geoff. I appreciate your response. … I did previously go to the clinic, but the lady didn’t really seem to know anything aside from what she was reading out of a book. I’m going to go ahead and get some, I mean why not right. Malaria doesn’t sound like a sexy thing to have.

  64. Hi Geoff!
    I stumbled upon your blog when I googled Indonesia one day. Incidentally, I’m also working in an advertising agency :x Do check out my blog.


  65. BTW, your posts are really entertaining! I find myself laughing sporadically like a maniac! x

  66. hi, Geoff ! I accidentally visited your website again since I saw your pics of Banaue rice terraces when we planned last time of coming there ..And now that Im planning to go to Palawan (we’re booked already, hehe) and saw again your site..This again will have a great help..Thanks so much.Im so proud that your profile pic., was taken here in our country..Hope you happen to come back again :) Mayon Volcano- the perfect cone volcanoe here has great to offer a best shot :)

  67. Hi there!

    I’m very new to this travel blogging malarkey, but if I was ever in need of a prime example…!!

    You have done such an amazing job of collecting your stories here! While I feel really fortunate to have a job at the moment, I often feel that working full time is holding me back from what I truly want to spend my time doing – travelling! But while I save the pennies and pluck up the courage to ask work very nicely if they could just give me, like, oh you know, 12 months off (!), your blog gives me some hope that it can be done, even if the worst comes to the worst and they say no!

    All the best on your travels, keep the blogs coming! :)

    R x


  68. Hey Geoff, great blog! Really interesting, keep them coming! I particularly like seeing the amazing photos! Just a thought though.. for anyone who can’t afford to quit their job and go travelling – I thought they may be interested in getting a travel job? Get paid to see the world :)

  69. Hi,
    What a fantastic blog!!! just love your post & pic of Glacial lakes!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!! :))
    When do u start your next journey???
    Is any private email where I could write you about your blog?


  70. Hi there, just to say, I’m a professional journalist but I’m not sure I could produce such a great blog as this – congratulations, it’s really excellent, both the prose and the photos! And I admire your decision to take the plunge, quit your job, and go travelling. It’s something I’m considering myself, although at the same time and thinking a foreign posting as correspondent could also do the trick and satisfy my desire for what the Germans (I live in Berlin) call fernweh (nostalgia for afar). If you’re ever passing through Berlin, get in touch! bests, Sarah

  71. I love to travel , please check my website and let me know , we can have tea or a beer in one country one day , you never know ! Keep travelling! Congratulations !

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